"Live in such a way that those who know you but don't know God, will come to know God because they know you."

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Howdy everyone,

How are you? We are ok. Still trying to get our lives in order. lol  Mom is in a nursing home. My sister is having big health problems but I think we have things figured out.  Other people just have to cooperate. :)

We may be settled in about 1 month and have the internet. And I will  be back in the saddle again. :)

Ok now for the cute stuff....

This, everyone IS OUR PRINCESS DOWNY :) Ain't she sweet??  She is getting really excited about writing her own posts or maybe even having her own blog. :)

She can't decide if she wants to call it THE PRINCESS DOWNY DIARIES or FROM A DOGGIE'S POINT OF VIEW. Maybe you all can help her to decide. Hmm?

 Anyway...I hope all of you are fine. Sorry I am not able to stop by and read your posts.  I am still on the library computers with limited time.

Take care and have a great rest of the week and beyond.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Updates On Mom and Me :)

Hi all,

Wow! I can't believe that it is almost October. I love the fall colors, the pumpkins, and fun activities of this season. I love this time of year when the holidays are on their way. :)

Well now on a more serious note... my sister and I were with mom in the ER for 12 hours or so a week ago Saturday. Her knee locked up and she couldn't walk. Also it was very swollen and they had to drain it.

She is in a nursing home now.  She saying that she thinks it is time for her to stay there.  She was going to do that a few years ago and changed her mind.  I think she is sure this time. We have to figure out the financial stuff now.

My sister is getting a bit of a break here. She has had to try to take care of mom for a few years as well as care for herself with all her medical, mental and emotional problems.

Trying to get everyone and everything squared away is very challenging. We will be clearing out their apartment and finding a place for my sister to live.

I am also trying to take care of me and my hubby. Whew! Just thinking about it all makes me woosy. Is that how you spell that? lol

Anyway, life goes on....we are also still trying to get moved so we can completely unpack and get the internet going.

Well, I hope you are all doing well and that you have a great weekend. Take care.