"Live in such a way that those who know you but don't know God, will come to know God because they know you."

Monday, October 31, 2011

My Goodness :)

My goodness!  There is so much to see on the Twin Creek blog that I may be up all night checking it out!  And there is a HUGE blog list there too.  My goodness lol.  I'd like to mention also that I starting my own business called, well not sure what its going to be called. I make cards for all occasions, etched glass items, and country and rustic decor. More products will be added in time.  I will have an online catalog soon as well.  I love crafting.  I am also completely addicted to genealogy.  Researching my family history has been a very enlightening experience.  I will probably write more about that later.  Uh oh!  I feel another blog title change coming on. YIKES! lol 


Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog.  In just the last 24 hours this blog has been through about 5 title changes and a few different purposes. At first I wanted to make this blog to respond to questions about my faith only.  Then I decided that I didn't want to make my blog ALL religion, even though my faith is my whole life and I love talking to people about religion.  So what I decided was to make this blog about other things that I liked as well. Last night I was thinking well, I like the colors of the leaves when autumn arrives, the snow in the mountains, the country, country decor and Americana.  I had a great picture up with my title of the snow in the woods of Minnesota.  Then this afternoon I was "googling" blog backgrounds and found a Great blog. It is called Twin Creek Primitives. It is just amazing.  You will love it. This is the link http://twincreekprimitives.blogspot.com/