"Live in such a way that those who know you but don't know God, will come to know God because they know you."

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


My goodness !! Yesterday was crazy. I found out from my hubby at 12:30pm that he had a dr  appt at 3pm.  The Dial- a- Ride bus would pick us up at 1:50.  We had to wait at the Dr's office for an hour til our appt time. Then he was late getting to us...another half hour. :( And we only were with him for 10 minutes. If  I had known that was how they did things I would have just taken him there myself in our car.

Then I spent from 4:30 or so til around 11pm with mom. She is having such a hard time. She is not comfortable. She is scared and having anxiety attacks. :(  She says she doesn't want to die in that place. She is not happy there. I am trying to find a new place for her to go. 

I asked her during the evening if we could say a prayer and she shook her head. She feels that she is not worth it. That she is a bad person. And that God in punishing her for the bad things she's done in her life. I said that isn't so. She is a good person and God doesn't work that way. He loves us all so much. He loves HER so much. 

Later I asked again if we could pray, she said yes. :) I said a prayer. I am not the greatest pray-er in the world but I think it helped and she was calm when I left. I told her after she said that she didn't know how to pray, that she just has to talk to Him. Not even out loud...just say what is in her heart. I hope that this will help her each night to relax and be comfortable.

Thank you for your comments and prayers...they keep me going. :) Please  let me know how you are doing. I like long comments or emails :) See sidebar for email address.

Take care my friends.  Be safe and stay warm. God bless you.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Hi everyone,
As you know mom has been in a nursing home now for about 5 months. It has been hard for her because she has big anxiety attacks.  :(
Tuesday night I visited her for dinner and the evening. When it was time for me to go she got scared. She was laying in her bed, she started to cry and held her arms out to me. Like "don't go, stay, hold me." It was heartbreaking.  So I sat down again at her bedside and held her hand. She said she was afraid of being alone and that she'd never get to hug me again.  :(
As I held her hand I told her. She is NEVER alone. It has been a while since she's been to church. And a while since we have had any kind of religious discussions. So I wasn't sure how she felt about things.

I told her to remember Jesus. That he loves her and that he is there for her. I told her that besides the physical suffering he went through, he also went through a lot of mental and emotional suffering. He felt all of the feelings that we have.  The bad ones as well as the good. He especially felt completely and utterly alone at the end when on the cross he said "My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me?" He was left, in the final seconds of his life, without the presence of the Spirit. When the Father had to withdraw from him. For Christ's atonement to be complete, he had to do it ALONE.

Can you imagine how that felt? He KNOWS how we feel. He knows what it is like to be completely without anyone. It had to be that way so that he would know how to help us when we needed it.

I told mom this and told her to pray. Ask Heavenly Father to give her the strength she needed to get through the night. After a little while more I went home. She didn't call all night.

I went to see her for breakfast the next morning. She was doing great. Then she said this...(I have told this to a few people and every time it has made me cry) she said I prayed all night. So you would be proud of me. (misty eyes) I thought wow!

She said that the anxiety went away and she was calm. :)
She felt the calming influence of the Spirit. WOW! 

It IS real. God and Jesus are real. They know us each by name and loves us so much. If each of us can feel that love deep down in our hearts....sighhh

As this post title says..A SPIRITUAL MOMENT FOR WHO?

For mom yes....but for me too. Feeling HIS love is amazing.

We are never alone.
 Take care my friends.

Monday, January 13, 2014


Hi ladies,
Well, no change on the Mom and Sister situation. So that is a good thing...kinda.  Hubby, however is a different story. For those of you who don't know Mel has been in the hospital since last Wednesday. He has pneumonia and fluid in his lungs.  He has been on anitbiotics all this time.  And the fluid retention in his lungs and legs and everywhere has been a problem. He is having trouble breathing and his legs are so swollen. He is on a diuretic or a water pill to reduce this. This medicine makes him have to "go" every 10 minutes practically. :(  It is difficult for him to move and his back is hurting so bad so you can imagine how awful it is to have to get up to "go" that often. 
He is also having mega headaches. Last time that happened he had a stroke.  Huge headaches normally are not a sign of stroke.  But for him it was.  So I have had them get a CT scan to see if anything is going on in his brain...well anything BAD going on.  Haven't heard anything yet.
Ok on to something fun. I was born and a raised in Seattle, Wa. We are up here in Washington as you may know.  The Seattle Seahawks football team is close to being in the Superbowl so everyone is going nuts up here.  I found this cute little graphic on another blog.


Anyway, that is what is going on here. Thank you for your encouraging comments and prayers. You are all sweet and I miss being here more often. 

Take care, oxox

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Hi all,
Well it was not enough to have sis and mom in the nursing homes....now hubby is in the hospital for a few days.
We spent 4 or more hours in the ER early this morning. He was having chest pains. Looks like a bit of pneumonia in one lung. They also want to try to reduce the swelling in his legs. They are really big. And they are doing all the heart tests just to make sure all is well there.

He is doing fine for now. I gotta get back to hospital. Please pray for us. This is getting a little much for me to deal with. Among other things that I have not mentioned. :(

Thank you...take care everyone

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Hi everyone,
I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas and a great beginning to a new year. :)
I want to thank those of you who have been able to stop by to say hi. I am sorry that I don't get to be here often. And that I don't get to stop by your blogs as much as I want to. I am still having to go to the library to get online. And they limit the time I can be on. :(
Kim, I hope you and your mom are doing ok. I know that things are stressful for you. I pray for you daily.
Diana, I hope Cjk is doing a lot better. Been praying lots for that little guy. :)
A sweet Kalea, I hope you and your parents are ok and that you get better soon. :) Praying for you all too.
Lisa, I hope all is well. I am praying for you and your hubby. Stay safe. And keep warm.
Update:  Mom has been in a nursing home for a few months. They just moved her to a room where she doesn't have much room to move in. She is not a happy camper. I am trying to figure out what to do to help.
My sister spent a week in the hospital and is now in a nursing home too. It is temporary til we can find a good adult family care home for her to go to. Her Parkinson's and other troubles are getting worse and she is falling alot.  She can't take it anymore. She needs to have 24/7 care.
I will be working this month on getting their apartment cleaned out. This will be a big thing. My sister will have to understand that she will have no place to go to if she doesn't like where she goes. It will be hard for her. Also mom needs to understand it too.
Hubby is having health problems too. And my body can't make up its mind if it wants to have a cold or not.  I was sick through Christmas and thought that I was over it.  Might be getting it again. lol This is nuts! :) Coughing and sneezing so hard that is rattles my brain. lol
Other then that everything is peachy. :) The weather is cold and rainy. We only had one day that we had a couple inches of snow and it was gone a quickly as it came. Below are the kind of winters that I like.

Well, I should go. Take care ladies...please take the time to let me know how you are doing. Hearing from you really does make my day. It makes me happy. :)
Take care (((HUGS)))