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Friday, November 20, 2015


Hi there, well it is snowing in a few places around the country already. Sad to way, here, is  not one of those places.

After living for most of my adult life in Utah and Wyoming, where we get tons of snow every year, it is really hard to get through Winter without pouting and complaining about not getting any here in our part of Washington state. It is cold enough here. Mid 40s during the days and 30s and even 20s at night. 

All we have gotten is lots and lots of rain. The near by river is higher than usual. Creeks are flooding. Frost in the morning sometimes but no snow. Wah-h-h-h-h  :(

Sorry I will try to control myself. Any of you who get more snow than you want can feel free to send some my way. :)

In the mean time, here is a nice Christmas wish I found on Facebook the other day.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody. 

P.S.  I just got some sad news. An older lady who went to dialysis  on the same days as my husband and lived here in the same apartment complex as we do, passed away the other day. Doris was a very sweet lady and was always smiling. Please pray for her family as they get through the first holidays without her. And as they prepare for a " Celebration of Her Life" on Monday. Thank you.


  1. I am so sorry about that sweet lady, Janet. Sending up a little prayer for her family.
    We have a lot of snow coming today they say. UGH- I do not like snow and would be glad to send you all of mine! xo Diana

  2. Prayers for your neighbor's family. Thank you for the sweet card you showed us. I am having snow and to me one flake was too much at this time. I am not even ready. My snow shovel is still in the shed. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Oh, that is sad news.. losing a neighbor and a sweet lady. Certainly they will be in my prayers.

    We have snow here! Of course, I'm sure that you could have guessed that. I posted a snowy picture on my blog today, and you know that we are near Manti, so you can see Utah snow :)

    Sending Happy Thanksgiving wishes your way.



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