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Saturday, October 15, 2016


Hi everyone, 
    We have had quite a wind storm here because of a typhoon in the Pacific.

Here are a couple pics of a small tree that got blown down across the road that goes down to our apartment complex. I took them with my phone so they may be far away.

The police came and chopped it up and pulled it over to the side. Later the scary tree eating monster came....

Then on my way to the store I went past KFC/A&W. They lost a tree in the last wind storm or maybe the one before that. Well.....

They couldn't use the drive thru yesterday. ALL the trees are gone now. At least four or five.

We are expecting more storming this evening. I think Oregon has gotten a lot of it too.

I do love the sound of wind and the noise it makes through the trees. I just pray for no more damage and that everyone stays safe.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Take care.


  1. I love the sounds of a storm, too, but don't like the damage it causes. Blessings and I hope that you don't get more damage. xo Diana

  2. My goodness, damaging winds really impacted that area. I saw on the news all the affects that the winds have had on your part of the country. Keep safe, and hang on :)


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