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Saturday, January 14, 2017


A sweet blogging friend reminded me of something today. Lecia at FARMHOUSE PRIMS does great  needle punch work. She a very sweet and talented person. Please stop by her blog. Click here

She is working on a new project that shows pics of back when hanging your clothes out on a line to dry was the thing to do. I love the thought of air dried clothes and long to be back in the mountains were the air is clean and fresh and be able to hang my clothes out. 

My grandma and grandpa...

....had a clothes line in the back yard. It looked like this.
I think there was a metal tube it fit in that was put in the ground so it would stay up. And when not in use the hole was covered.

I remember also I think, that grandma used one of these til she couldn't wash clothes anymore and had them sent out....

Oh my goodness....I just googled that. You have to go there. Google old washing machines. It will make you glad you have the machines you have. I complain about the stackable one we have in our apartment. It is uncomfortable to bend and try to get clothes out because I  bang my head on the lid that doesn't go all the way up because the dryer is up there. LOL I should be grateful I don't have all the work that Grandma had AND that I don't have to go to the public laundromat. Something that I did have to do just 3 years ago. Anyway google old washing machines....we've come a long way baby...as the saying goes :)

Well I should go. Take care, everyone. Have a great week. Hugs


  1. Hi Janet, I love the smell of clothes that were hanging on a clothes line, esp. sheets. I rem. helping my mom wash clothes on a wringer washer, she told me not to full with the wringer, well what did I do, I was trying to whip off the wringer and my hand got stuck. I was so terrified after that, that I was afraid of it. Your grandparents were such a lovely couple. I think sometimes I was born in the wrong era. But on the other hand, it would be so much work having to do laundry like that. Have a beautiful day! hugs, Lecia

  2. I grew up handwashing our clothes and hanging them out. My grandma had a wringer washer and I loved to help her. She also had two rinse tubs that I thought were great things. Now I am thankful that I have a washer and dryer.

  3. I still hang my clothes out when the weather is nice. There is nothing in the world like line-dried fresh sheets on the bed.
    I can remember when my mother still had an old wringer washer. xo Diana


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