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Monday, January 14, 2013

Email Me Ok?...

Hi am at the library and I don't have layout options again so this looks weird.  I have told a few of you this.  I would love to hear from everyone in email if you can or post comments...I can get them on my cell phone. Replying is a challenge as my internet stops in 5 minutes and I loose the text and have to start over. So when I email you back that will be why it is quick and unorganized thought wise....did i say that right?

I miss you ladies so much. Please let me know what you are up to. My email addy is at the sidebar.  Take care stay safe and warm.

Been verrrrrry cold here. Down to -12 degrees sometimes. BRRRRRRR :)

God bless

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  1. Hi Janet...it must be so frustrating for you with your computer situation. It's very cold here too...yesterday it was 67 degrees but today it only hit 30. The 30 is normal for western Pa. We have been so worried about Brian-the lady at where he worked that handles his health coverage just couldn't seem to do her job. She emailed him that his papers had to be in by Dec. 23...but sent the email on Dec. 28. He was so frantic that he was without his coverage that he couldn't sleep and was making himself sick. Then she wouldn't respond to his calls. We were actually afraid for him. Thankfully we just found out everything is ok.
    I am working on a make over in the house. It was badly needed. With Brian's troubles I just haven't felt like primping the house. I'm also starting to get back to work on painting..I need to because we got the info packet for our first show of the year today. We've been going out the last 3 days buying loads of lumber and Al is sawing and sanding up a storm!
    I hope your sister and mom are doing well. I think of you often...Jan


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