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Friday, May 10, 2013

Where Did Spring Go??

Howdy all....

I was having a hard time deciding what to call this post.  

I was thinking about Spring, moving, heat, and dandelions. :)

First where did spring go??  Just yesterday we had thunder and rain. THAT I would expect for this time of year. Today it is 77-81 degrees.....EWWWWWW! THAT is not right at all.

Well at the end of this month we will be moving, finally. Just 20 days or so away.  I hope that I can get everything organized and ready on time. It is starting to stress me. OH NO! Nope I will not let it. :)

Mom went home from the nursing home Wednesday of last week. And as a knew she would, she is refusing to cooperate with the home health people.  And my sis has been on the phone to me often ready to pull her hair out. :( We could sure use your prayers my friends.  

Now for the dandelions......

Ok not exactly dandelions, but dandelion fuzzies. :)  I remember when I was little making braclets, necklaces and headbands out of dandelions.....did you do that?  And I have always loved dandelion fuzzies. lol Really.  Make a wish and blow the fuzzies away. :)
 A couple years ago I took a picture of one that was growing in our yard. And I am not kidding it was about 4 feet high and the fuzzy part was bigger than a tennis ball. :)   Cool!

Well, I guess I should go. Time is limited here at the library. 

I hope all of you have a great weekend. Happy Mother's Day :)

Take care


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