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Monday, June 23, 2014


Yes that's what I said...

I'm sorry but it did make you stop to read didn't it?  :)

Apparently fleas do not care who they hitch  a ride on. And royalty is not immune.

Princess Downy has been attacked.  A couple weeks ago I noticed a dark area at the end of her back  near her tail. I thought she had hurt herself but couldn't imagine how.  Then the other day I took a closer look and saw something like this...

Can you see the little black specks?  I thought what in the world is this. (Oh and the picture is not of Downy). This is called flea dirt or in other words FLEA POOP. How dare fleas poop on our Princess!

I looked closer and a slightly larger black speck was scurrying away. :(  We have not had this kind of problem before. We have lived in places where Downy has had her own yard.  No other dogs around. Where we are now everybody and his brother has a dog.

She doesn't get too close to them and I don't let her sit on the lawn too long,  but I guess it only takes a second. I think that the apartment owners should spray the yard and the halls for fleas. The people who live here are older and mostly on fixed incomes I would imagine. And maybe can't afford to take their dogs to the Vet or go to the store to buy something. Also some may not notice that their pet has a problem.  That could cause a huge problem for everyone.

We, tenants in general, are already paying big rent..plus they charge $35 for storage, $35 for cable, $25 for covered parking space.  The least the management can do is pay to get the yard and halls sprayed. I don't think that is too much to ask.

It seems that they have a rule against disrupting the wildlife...don't worry about the thousands of caterpillars that are dropping on your head they will be gone in a couple of months...and the mosquitoes nawww they'll go away.  Can't wait for spider season.  If we get them like we did last year, I may just explode all over the place if they don't do something about them. And that could get a little messy. lol

I didn't move here where I could open my windows finally and get fresh air just to have to shut them to keep the spiders out. Nope, I may need to jump up and down and cause a scene. :)

Anyway I guess that is all I have to say about that.

Mom is doing ok and so is my hubby. Me well...I'm just doin'. :)

Take care all. 

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  1. Ewww, flea poop! Years ago when I was in university I sublet my apartment for the summer. The girl said she had no pets. When I moved back in September after I walked across the carpet I noticed specks on my leg. When I brushed them away, they jumped. Apparently she had about 4 cats and the apartment was infested with fleas! Nightmare

    1. That's so awful....when my son was little we moved to an apartment in a small town in WA. One night I got into bed and my feet were covered with black spots. I rubbed at them and they jumped away.

      I had to have the place sprayed and for 3 days had to keep my 2 year old on a big sheet on the living room floor. Gosh, what a pain that was.

  2. My goodness... I feel itchy just reading your post.
    I think I've asked you before.... are you in Utah? You can email me with the answer. I honestly have never heard of dogs getting fleas in Utah. I thought it was too dry?!
    Sorry for the bug problems at your apt. Have you looked on Pinterest? There are lots of natural remedies to keep pests away .... low cost, safe and effective. Check them out.

    Hope that the rest of the week is better, and nice to know your Mom and Hubby are fairing well.



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