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Thursday, June 12, 2014



I hope all of you are enjoying nice weather. I like cool weather and that is what we have at the moment. It's 8:30pm, getting dark and the wind is blowing. Sighhh,.....

Can't wait to take pictures of where we live now. Almost like we are in the woods. :)

Well, Mel is doing ok. This morning we went to the hospital to get a tunnel catheter inserted in his chest., so he can begin kidney dialysis treatments tomorrow afternoon.

He was in and out of the operating room faster than I expected. We were there a total of 5 hours. Most of that was pre-op and post-op recovery stuff.  Now we have be careful of the ends of the tubes that are sticking out of his chest. They are capped off. He needs to keep them dry and not sleep in a certain way that would put pressure on them and cause bleeding. That part is going to be fun...NOT.

I was surprised at how the doctor did the procedure. Since we were told that the end of the catheter inside him was suppose to rest on the heart, I thought that she would put it in on the left side above the heart and tunnel it under the skin to the heart. WRONG... She made an incision at the bottom of his neck on the right side. Now that I am thinking about it...how can she do it that way?...it goes in there and comes out just a few inches lower on the same side.

Boy am I confused now. I think I will talk to somebody about it tomorrow. Anyway he is doing ok. He had a nap. And is awake now for a while. Hopefully we will have a good night sleep. And tomorrow will go well.

Thank you your thoughts and prayers.  As always I love to hear from you. It makes my day. :)

Guess that's it.  Have a great friday..ohhh friday the 13th. :)
Take care.


  1. Saying a prayer for you and for your hubby. I certainly hope he gets healthier soon! I know it must be a worry for you. Off to bed here for me- it was a long day but I wanted to leave you a note here! xo Diana

  2. Glad to hear that his procedure went well.
    He will be happy to get the dialysis going, and he will feel so much better.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new home :)


  3. Glad he did so well with the surgery and he is able to rest. Scary things, these surgeries are. Hope the drs visit is a good one and he doesn't get too tired out from it. I hope you both are able to res this weekend. Prayers for you both.


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