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Saturday, September 15, 2012

S L I D E R S.....

Hi everyone, 

Does anyone remember the program called Sliders? It was and still is about four friends who "slide" through a spiraling vortex into parallel dimensions.  They always land on an Earth and always San Fransisco, (i think), their hometown.  Most of the time things are bad where they "land." Or they run into their doubles. And they have to stay there until their 'sliding' machine says its time to go. It can be hours or even days. It is kinda fun to watch. Anyway.....

I was thinking the other day that I felt much like a  'slider'  About eleven months ago I 'slid' through a vortex. It took me to a lovely place. A place where all the people I met were different from each other yet the same in that they all spent time on their computers 'posting' little stories about their lives, their families, their hobbies.  They wrote about the good times and the bad. The times when they or a loved one was sick and needed extra prayers. So they asked for this help. :) And everyone came together in one giant 'prayer circle' from all over the country.  How wonderful this place was. Then...


I got sucked out through this vortex and returned to the lone and dreary world. Lol  I have been in this world now for about two months. I want so badly to go back to this Utopia of a world. This Blogland. But it is so hard to get back. :(  

I used to always be thinking about something to write every day. I was always so excited to know that my boring little life was interesting to a few of these sweet people. :) And I was so excited that I was going to have comments and emails in the mornings. I even checked the internet on my cell phone for comments before I got out of bed. :)  It made my day.

Now I don't seem to have the 'Umpf' (sp) to do anything. Maybe it is that I can't have peace and quiet at the computer because for the time being the tv is right next to me and Mel is always watching it. ( we just GOT to get the other room fixed up) It is a storage room at the moment. Too many boxes to count. I think I have mentioned that before. I want to unpack but there is no place to unpack to. Or maybe it is because I have been feeling so crummy lately. Or both. Oh my goodness..am I whining? Sorry...

Anyway I loved this Blogland place and the people I met there and I want to go back.  Can some one help me, help me, help me pleeeeze. (how do i make music notes here)? lol ; -)

Maybe if all of you reach out your hands and grab a hold of me you can pull me back through the vortex, huh? :) 

Sure do miss you all. Take care...


  1. Hi Janet, I know how you feel, I feel like I've been sucked into a vortex and I've lost my umpf too! I have had such a hard time commenting on blogs and a harder time finding something to post. I guess I'm just tired right now. You have so much to do with unpacking and organizing and you are back to Logan! You lucky girl. I hope you find the support you need from real people there. Yes, we are real here in blogland, but we can't give you a blessing, or bring a casserole or go out to lunch with you. Wish I could! I think we would be fabulous friends! I would even come over and help unpack boxes and organize. I love doing that!
    Take care my friend and remember I am here for you if you are in need!

    Love ya, Susan

    1. Susan, you are so sweet. Thank you for your kind words. I got almost cried. :)

      I emailed you too.

      I hope you are doing ok. Have a wonderful Sunday.

      Take care, J

  2. We've all lost our oomph from time to time. You have been busy with lots of big changes. Take a breath. Sometimes a few short random posts is enough to kick start me when this happens.
    Hugs, Kim

    1. hi Kim,

      Thanks for your comment and advice. I will try that. I think lol :)

      I hope things in your life calm down you busy gal.

      Have a great Sunday. Take care, J

  3. Hii Janet..
    Life tends to be like that.. up and down.
    The down times, are the worst!
    You have had so many changes recently, and it takes time to acclimate to changes.
    Take your time, and know that we will be right here to love you and support you, my friend.

    Besides... your favorite season is coming...soon there will be snow and snuggling under a cozy blanket.
    I know how you love winter, and it will perk you right up :)

  4. Kerin,

    Thank you for your sweet comment.

    Thinking of that does perk me up. :)

    You made me smile, thanks for that too.

    I sent you an email too. Take care, J

  5. I loved this post Janet...I feel the same way!
    So much going on.. I got sucked out of the vortex too..when I landed I think I bumped my head and it left me all confused and sorta lost for a while..Maybe we will findour way back soon.
    Good Luck with the unpacking and making the new house a home!



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