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Saturday, September 29, 2012

To Pinterest Or Not To Pinterest

Good morning from Logan Utah,

This morning I have been thinking about Pinterest. It is a site that lets you make 'boards'. Well, pin boards..you can 'pin' pictures to them. You can make them about anything you want. Your favorite things. 

I know that is not the best explanation in the world. :) But that is all I know about it.

Anyway, I was wondering how many of you are on Pinterest and what do you think of it? What do you have on it? Do you like it? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

I guess we will be working on emptying boxes and organizing things today. Fun, fun...NOT lol

Well gotta run and make breakfast. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Take care 

Maxine cracks me up


  1. Maxine is a hit where ever she goes. :):) I do not pinterest...blogger is almost more than I can handle at times. Smiles, Susie

  2. I just started on Pinterest ~ it's addicting.
    But I do love it and find many wonderful sites on there. I've learned I have to set a timer when I'm on there or the time just passes away and I don't get anything done.
    Give it a try ~ Enjoy!
    Prim Blessings

  3. Hi Janet, I have looked on Pinterest but I am not sure how it all works. As you know I am knew to blogging and still learning. Thank you for sharing. Have a great day.


  4. That's funny! I did a post on the very same question! It can be useful...like keeping all the things you like in your internet favorites backed up on Pin...but I've never gotten into it yet...Some people get kind of touchy about it...You just have to be careful...Especially if people say "Don't pin me". Like Danice at Homespun Hannah's blog said, If we are part of a social network, it's very hard for people not to copy your stuff or save it to Pin..or what have you..You put your stuff, info out there and it's kind of fair game...So you just kind of have to use your best judgement...


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