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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election Day Is Almost Here

Good morning everyone,

I hope this finds you all safe, warm and well. :)

With Election Day just two days away I thought this post should be about voting. 

I spent quite some time trying to decide which way to go with this post. Should I just say, " Hey remember to vote this Tuesday" or mention that I voted early, or should I ask the question, " Is voting a right, privlege, or responsibility?" Or...just say what I have been feeling about things. Or all of the above.

Well what I decided was: all of the above.

Hey, remember to vote this Tuesday.
I already voted.
And what do you think? Is voting a right, privilege, or a responsibility? And why?

Up until this past year my involvement in the political process has been zip. I am embarrassed to admit that I have never really been interesting in it. In the last election 4 years ago I didn't like either candidate and wanted to write in a person to vote for. Then I was told that that would not be a good thing to do. For what reason I don't remember. It was a good reason so I decided to vote for one of the candidates. But my thought was ' I will vote for the lesser of the two evils.' That's awful.

This year I have been very interested in what is happening. I watched the  primaries and had discussions about them with friends. I listened to a national news channel to get their opinions on them. I watched the debates and wished that one of the candidates could hear me making comments about his comments. LOL  And I was glad when the final debate was over. And wished that the whole thing was over. It wore me out. :)

I feel that it is important to vote. Even more so today because of how things are in the world. The world is in trouble. OUR COUNTRY IS IN TROUBLE. The constitution is in trouble. Our morals and values are in trouble too.

This country is where people from all over the world came to enjoy freedoms that they didn't have in their own countries. Freedom of speech; to have their own opinions. Freedom to worship God the way they wanted to. Freedom to live in a country where they and their families could feel safe in their own homes.

God raised up good christian men to build up this country. A country based on christian values. These values are getting trampled on. These values are being made fun of. And God is being mocked. This is very serious. 

We can not let this happen. We need to help save this country, its people and its freedoms. We need to help save our families and the sanctity of marriage. And our right to choose. God gave us these things. We can not let some one take them away.

Please vote prayerfully on Tuesday. There is so much at stake.

Take care my friends and God Bless


  1. Janet, I will vote. It's been rough listening to all the negativity.My God help us all. Smiles, Susie

  2. Thoughtful, and heartfelt post... thanks.

    I've already voted, and my prayers are for our great country to be lead by a man that believes in our Heavenly Father, and strives to be righteous.

    Warm thoughts...

  3. Janet- I couldn't have said it better myself. I think you speak for many of us- xo Diana

  4. My husband and I voted early last week. We usually go on election day, but both felt it was important to not miss voting, especially this year....you never know what can happen on election day. This is our youngest daughter's first time to be able to vote and I will be going with her tomorrow. Thanks for encouraging everyone to vote! Stopping by from Debbiedoos.

  5. Your post is very well written and mirrors my thoughts exactly!


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