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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pancakes or Waffles

Good morning ladies,

Have you had breakfast yet?  I don't know why I am talking about this. I was just sitting here thinking that I have not posted in a few days. Thinking how since we moved and I was without internet for a month and couldn't be here, I feel that I have got 'bloggers block.'  I can't think of what to write about. I sometimes don't even have the desire to sit here long enough to write a post.  I feel that I have just lost interest sometimes. :( I don't want that. I love being here. And you guys are so fun to visit with. I would just miss you so much if I didn't come here. I need you. :)

My goodness....anyway back to me just sitting here thinking...anyway I thought I would take a survey. lol

Question 1 What do you like best, waffles or pancakes?

2 Why?

3 From box or scratch?

4 What kinds of toppings?  


I like both. But I love waffles more. Why? I think it is because when my sister and I were little we used to stay over night at our grandparents house on the weekends.  Granny would always make waffles for Sunday breakfast.  I like them made from scratch better but I have had them from the box and Eggos too.  What kind of toppings? Well....I love real maple syrup best. But since it is quite expensive I settle for regular maple syrup. I also like them with peanut butter, jelly (not together) blackberries too. :)

I'm thinking maybe bananas would be good on them too. 

Ok, I am making myself hungry now. lol So ladies, which do you like best? 

I have to run. I hope all of you have a great day. Have fun with your Christmas decorating and shopping.

Take care  


  1. waffles are my favorite...with just maple syrup. I like eggs and bacon on the side to......and yes darn it you made me want waffles now....
    hope things are going well.. Its been quite chilly here...
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. I really do not like pancakes,so make mine waffles, and put the syrup on the side. I don't like the syrup soaking into the waffles either. I will tell you a secret..we were so poor growing up, that our mother made something called fried bread(nasty tasting pancakes)I think that is why I don't like pancakes. Smiles to you, Susie

  3. I love pannycakes best-it was fun to make flavors and shapes for the boys when they were
    little and that's what they called them.
    I like a little syrup on the side otherwise just butter.
    YUMMY-I must go check my ingredients!

  4. I made pancakes and bacon just this morning because our granddaughter spent the night. That is always the treat when the kids come. I like waffles better, but I make pancakes more often because that is what Dear Heart prefers. With pecans or blueberries (in the batter) and lots of butter and real maple syrup. To me, made from scratch is better and the recipe is burned in my brain so it doesn't take a minute to put it together.
    I feel the same as you do about blogging. It seems as though others are much more creative than I and sometimes feel I haven't anything of interest to whoever might read it.

  5. Waffles all the way for me. Pecan waffles with praline syrup. OMGosh- now you have MY mouth watering- xo Diana

  6. Most definitely waffles! With peanut butter and maple syrup

  7. Oh, for me.. it has to be pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon syrup!

  8. Ooh, pancakes with maple syrup and fresh blueberries. A close 2nd - waffles with peanut butter. (Strange eh)


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