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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hi everyone,

Well our first day of spring came roaring in with rain, lightning and thunder. And a little dusting of snow. lol

We are trying to work out moving up to mom's by the end of May. We have to wait til then for our tax refund to come. Things are still tense up there. My poor sis is ready to jump off a bridge. :(

Mom is doing ok just needs to have nursing home care from now on. They are going to start taking her money to pay for it. That leaves my sister up a creek without a paddle. She can not afford the apartment on her own money. She doesn't know this is going to happen yet.  She has so much stress already that I am trying to get it worked out so that she doesn't flip.

We were thinking of just moving in with her there for a while but I don't know  if that is going to work now.  It is hard to find a place up there. There are waiting lists miles long at many apartment complexes.  I think there are totally too many people in that town. lol

I sure miss being here every day. I miss you gals lots and lots.

Please leave comments or email me and let me know how you are doing ok? I can get them on my cell phone.  Too bad I can't post from my phone.

I will try to be back next week. Have a great week. Take care.

God bless....





  1. Oh,Janet! What a lot to worry about. Your poor, poor sister. I feel sorry for her and for you, too, because it is going to cause an upheaval in all your lives. I will certainly be praying for all of you. Keep me in the loop so I know how you are doing- xo Diana

  2. I am so sorry you all are going through this-there is not an easy way to handle it all. You and yours will be in my prayers.

  3. Dear Janet ~ I have been missing YOU, too.
    I really wish you well and will keep you in prayer, and your family.
    Hang on in there!
    You are very sweet to think about moving closer to your troubled loved ones ~ but then, we know that you are :)
    Thanks for posting a lovely picture even though things are far from perfect...
    xxx Alex

  4. Hi Janet....sounds like you have your hands full with trying to get closer to your mom and sister. ZI hope you can get things worked out without to much grief.
    I haven't been on much either..I'm thinking I must have gained that 10 pounds you lost walking everywhere. I'd say the walking has turned into a Blessing for you.

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Janet, you are moving up to the northeast? I think you will feel more at ease knowing you are closer and can actually do something for your family. Bless your heart sweety!


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