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Friday, March 1, 2013

Ruffled Feathers....

 Hi everyone. :)  I hope you are all doing well.

I REALLY need to get internet. lol This is nuts trying to get to the library by bus and walking. I have lost 10 lbs. though. Thats good. :) Or maybe that is just from stress...I don't know..but it is gone and good riddens to it. lol

Ok. now for the Ruffled Feathers part....

My husband is a veteran. We live in Logan, Utah about I guess 100 miles or so from Salt Lake City, Utah where the Veteran's Hospital is. This is where he and lots of other Vets have to go for their Dr appointments and other things like treatments, dialysis (sp) etc.

There is a van that takes people to their appointments early in the morning and comes back late in the afternoon or early evening when everyone is finished. This van, and others in other towns, are donated to the Vets. The driver's time is donated or voluntary I think. It is a very helpful thing to have available.

Well....a week ago on Friday someone vandalized the van. Not just let air out of a tire or wrote on the window or whatever...they cut the the fuel line to the gas tank and did other things so that the vehicle is out of commission for at least two weeks til they can get parts to fix it.

In the meantime there are people who don't have a way to get to the hospital...some are in very serious conditions...this is unbelievable. those who are critically ill with terminal conditions and have no other way to get there could die. :(

What were these people thinking?? My feathers are ruffled. Grrr

Mel is also having troubles. He has a couple of life threatening conditions and we are finding out that he has kidney problems now too.  We have to find another way to get there this next Friday for tests to see exactly what the problem is. :(

The people who did this have got to have something against the military. Anti Vets....that is a Hate Crime. It is too bad that they were not caught. And it scares me that they could do something worse...like the things that have happened in other cities in this country. We all know about those. :(

What is this world coming to?  I know that these bad things have to happen. The scriptures say it will. That it will be worse..before it gets better.   IT WILL GET BETTER. What a great promise that is.
 I just wish that innocent people wouldn't have to suffer.    

Ok, I am done. Um....sorry to have to come back with a negative post. It just bothered me.

Please let me know how you are doing ladies. I miss you so much. Leave comment here or email me (see sidebar for email info).  I will get your comments and emails on my cell. I have it working again now...YAYYYY

Our weather is mild here now not too coldSome flakes here and there. Oh and mom was in the hospital. She couldn't walk the other day. She is doing a little better now. She was transferred to a nursing home yesterday. Sure could use your prayers :)

I pray for you all each night. Be warm, safe, healthy and happy.

Take care, God bless you all. :)          


  1. Oh Janet, how awful-what is going on?
    Is the brakeline next? I have to say I would be afraid to drive that van-I hope some people close enough can help with their own vehicles. I wished I lived close to help. What ever is going through some people's minds?!?!
    I hope it gets resolved in some way soon. I'm glad you can post sometimes and have a way to the library.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Dear Jane : what tough time it has been for you.
    The vandalism to the voluntary van, it is incredible...there is certainly a vast range of different mind ~ sets on this planet!
    It beats description..All I can say is may the Lord work within them to a better understanding.
    Will of course pray that all the difficulties resolve and for Mels better health. I have this little thing going of lighting a candle for any prayer needs on Fridays at (my) 4 pm ~ will be thinking of you then, too.
    xx A

  3. Sorry I somehow missed the 't' off the end of Janet.
    I know you're not a Jane!! lol


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