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Thursday, September 11, 2014


Hi everyone,

Well, the Princess has entered a new phase in her life. She is getting very bold. Mommy is not sure what to do about it.

(not Downy but she looked like this)

She loves being outside and thinks that EVERY time we go out we should stay out until SHE is ready to come in.  She thinks this quite strongly at the times when I have things to do and need her to go out, go potty, and come in. After about 2 minutes.
So she has begun to do two things that Mommy is very tired of already.  When we need to go back in I tug softly on her leash and say "let's go."  She digs in her heels and refuses to budge. Actually pulling against me.  :( OR she will come and after a few steps stop and refuse to budge.  She will play this little game every 5 steps about 3 or 4 times. Then I have to tug harder and she will come. Grrrrrr I don't like to do that because it hurts her throat and she will cough and gag for hours. :(
What a little stinker! I guess someone has told her that even though she is only about 8 inches high and 15 inches long. She is older than I am so SHE should be the boss. She sure is lively for a 77 year old. lol
I have never been able to bring myself to scold her much, like for doing a no-no on the carpet or whatever. Coz truthfully alot of the time it isn't her fault. Lots of times I am gone way too long. I know that she hangs in there as long as she can. :)
She is just a cute, sweet and cuddlely (sp?) little critter. :)
(also not Downy but she looked like this)

Fall is coming....it's just around the corner. The leaves are thinking about changing colors. :) Few are actually doing it. I am waiting for the maple trees on the property, especially the one at our balcony to grow the little whirlybird things. Been told that is a Fall thing. I have always loved those. lol
Call me weird....but as soon as their here I will be out on my balcony throwing and dropping them and watching them go 'round n 'round. :)
Gotta run. Take care all.


  1. Oh, she is being a stinker.
    Maybe she's just trying to soak up all the Fall, she can.

    Smiles :)

  2. I see she has learned Millie's tricks! Lol

  3. Hey Janet! PD is so cute! She would melt any heart.
    Could you try giving a treat and a little extra play inside as soon as you do get home (for a few days|)||? She might learn going home is not so bad : )
    Happy walks!

  4. Well, the first thing I did with Charlie was put a harness on him and not a collar. No more choking. When I was ready to come in, I would pick him up and carry him in when he refused to go. I use one word, inside, and he knows now its time to go in. When we get to the steps, I tell him 'up'. She will get it soon enough. Some just take a bit longer than others. ;)


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