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Friday, September 5, 2014


Hi all,

Is that title gross or what?

The other day Princess Downy and I were out on our morning stroll. She made 3 stops to do what doggie princesses do. Then we headed around the building to take our little plastic bag of 'stuff ' to the trash.

There is a little pond and a patch of grass near the trash container. We got there and I noticed a red plastic cereal bowl. Looking closer I saw that it had milk in it. I guess someone put it out for a stray cat.

Upon closer observation I noticed something else...in the bowl was a slug. Ick! Just laying there...i think he died from drowning or drank too much and couldn't crawl back out of the bowl. And on the side of the bowl was another slug with it's front part bent over the bowl. It looked like it had been holding the bowl so the other could get in without tipping it over. It wasn't moving either. Hmmm.....

Now THAT'S not something you see every day. Or hear about in a blog post. I bet you have never read this in a blog post before. lol

Updates...mom is doing fine. She has been moved to a room that gives her a little more space. I will try to see her tonight. Sis is just sis...always something strange going on with her. Poor dear.  Hubby is doing ok with dialysis..most of the time.  He does get very tired and has trouble with his feet feeling cold when he goes to bed.  And also he has trouble sleeping sometimes but he is hanging in there.

Me...hmm...not sure about me. Just plan ol' tired most of the time but hanging in there too.

I hope all of you have had a great summer and fun Labor Day weekend.  And that you are ready for a wonderful Fall. I love when the leaves change colors and thinking that winter and the holidays are just around the corner. My favorite time of the year. :)

Please leave a comment and let me know how your are doing It really makes my day. :)

Take care.

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  1. Ackkk, I hate slugs. I hope you take care of yourself and rest. Fall is almost here. I always feel energized with the cooler weather and fall colors


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