"Live in such a way that those who know you but don't know God, will come to know God because they know you."

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Hi everyone,

Wow! I can't believe I haven't posted since October. Things have been crazy around here. 

Hubby is still in dialysis. His appts have been changed to an earlier time. Which means if he has a bad night and we have to get up early the world is going to see and hear two very cranky people. lol

Sis has been in the hospital for a couple of months. She is fine. They are trying to find her a home to move to and are having a hard time.

Mom is doing ok, kinda. She is getting a little strange like about this time last year. But not as bad.  Her mother past away on the 29th of this month about 14 years ago I think and she is missing her. Also her fathers birthday is the 31st. He has been gone a long time. I will go be with her on those days.  And I am going to see her on Christmas.  Last year I was sick and couldn't go to her.

I have been awake now more than 24 hours. And in just over an hour I will get hubby up and then get ready for church. So glad I don't snore...how embarrassing  that would be. lol Nawwww not going to sleep in church. Didn't a man do that in the New Testament and fall  out the window and die??

I love Sundays and need my weekly dose of the Spirit. :)

I am missing a snowy winter in Utah and Wyoming. We just get big winds and rain here. :( I guess I will survive. 

This is my favorite time of year. Snow and Christmas my two favorite things. I hope all of you have a wonderful Spirit filled Christmas. Remember the Reason for the season. And how blessed we are to have a Heavenly Father that so loves us that He gave His only begotten Son.

Take care my friends....



  1. Wishing you a Blessed and Merry Christmas! I hope things slow down for you in the New Year!

  2. You are very special, my cheery friend. Sorry things have not been easy. I've missed you!
    I'll send up some prayers for a smoother time ahaed and some good sleep for you!
    Christmas blessings,
    x A

  3. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.
    May 2015, be a great year for you all :)

    We don't really have any snow yet here in Utah, but if we get some for Christmas, I will think of you...and send you wintery wishes.


  4. Janet thank you so much for your message on my blog ~ I was so pleased to get it.
    As I say, you will be in my prayers so much, I know it must be feeling like two steps forward and twenty back for you all the time, with the frequent 'code Reds' thrown in just to keep you on your toes ~ you do very well to keep so level headed. I love your sense of humour ~ you make me smile, despite everything and that, my friend is a real gift. I truly beleve we each have a purpose and you are doing a fine job, even if it is so hard and worrying. May God bless you for that.

    Please don't worry about the 'following' widget thingy ~ anyway you ARE doing so, at least on your profile.
    When you said you couldn't cpomment on miy blog, I assumed you mean you didn't have time, not that it was stopping you? otherwise I'll look into it.

    I truly hope that Mel will experience a better patch, with no scares, enabling you enjoy a little bit of a treat (yeas, I did say treat, P.D!!) together.
    Love and hugs,
    and just take it a day at a time my friend,
    A xx

    1. Thank you Alex you are a sweet person. We could use some blessings now. Just took Mel into the hospital last night. Or way early this morning. Not sure how long he will be there. He is doing better today. Take care..


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