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Saturday, March 14, 2015


Hi everyone,

Well, yesterday was my birthday. Do you want to know what I did? 

We slept in a bit. Then I got up gave hubby meds, checked his blood sugar, gave him insulin, made him breakfast and helped him get dressed.

Then his bath aid came and gave him a shave and he brushed his teeth and took off in his power chair to get the mail and visit with neighbors downstairs.

Then I swept the floor and carpet ( vac not working), cleaned the stove, cleared of a counter and put stuff in storage, bath aid helped clean the stove burners and went to get a few things at the store. I did a few loads of laundry.

Then we made hubby lunch. Went to hunt down a trash dumpster for some big bags of trash in the car and I couldn't dump here coz dumpster were locked shut. grrrr  I visited my mom in the nursing home. And came back and made dinner. And at about 10 pm got a little nap.

Then gave hubby meds, checked his blood sugar, gave him insulin and put him to bed. Whew!

Ok, I'm done.

That was my Friday the 13th birthday. The only other time I remember a Friday the 13th birthday was when I was a kid.  All I got for my birthday was underwear. :(

LOL...take care my friends


  1. Aw Janet ~ Happy belated birthday: I didn't know!
    You worked hard on your day, and it is a gratifying thing to enable your hubby to get the best care ie Yours!
    Hope you can find a treat to mark the day in some form ~there must be a tiny thing you fancy doing/having, buried away in your mind? Just a tinything...
    wish I could have a vist with you and a cuppa.
    Well my blessings, good wishes and a (hug) will have to do : )

  2. Hi Janet, you worked so hard on your Birthday, and you are such a good wife taking care of your hubby like you do. I hope you can take a day and go out and celebrate your Birthday, do something fun that you enjoy!!!! It doesn't have to be on the exact day, and by the way you can just celebrate all month long!!! Hugs and Happy Birthday my friend, hugs, Lecia

  3. I'm a little late but Happy Birthday!! I hope you celebrated all weekend

  4. Well, Happy belated birthday to you :)

    You are such an example of charity. Always giving selfishly, and lovingly. Thank you for your good example!

    Hope you are able to do one small thing for yourself that gives you happiness. Something a bit better than new underwear ***smile**.



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