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Friday, March 27, 2015


Ok, I know that isn't how it goes...but that is my question.  Seems like we just went from Fall to Spring. Now Winter. :( Blogging friends in the mid west and the east got all the snow. Rats! lol

Anyway, Spring is starting to show herself here. Below are a few photos of the flowers and bushes around our apartment complex. I don't know what these are. Do any of you know?

The last one above is strange. There are several of these bushes around the place. It looks like two different ones were planted together.

When the other flowers bloom I will take more pictures. We have had some nice days lately. Also we have a nearly naked maple tree just outside by our balcony. In just a few weeks it will be full of nice big green maple leaves. :)

That is how we found it when we moved in almost one year ago. I have been waiting for the little whirleybird  things that come from maple trees. I think I will be sad if our tree doesn't have them. lol

Updates on everyone.....mom is doing ok but gets anxious and scared at night. :(  Sister is having trouble at the 'home' she is living in not sure now to help and the people there are almost at the end of their ropes. :(  Hubby is doing a lot better in most ways. Others are still a struggle. But we will get through it. :)

Well, that's it for today. Maybe my next post will be soon. I have some nice photos for it.

Take care all.        


  1. Hi Janet--- I would be glad to send you a truck load of snow and cold weather. lol
    Sorry to hear your Mom is scared at night and that your sister isn't doing well. That is always sad. It does sound like hubby is doing better though.

    Great pictures of the plants you have there...it does look like Spring. xo Diana

  2. Sorry to hear of your family struggles. It's a tough business - ageing. I'm so jealous of your Spring.

  3. Have no idea what those shrubs are, but the blossoms on them are very pretty. How lucky you are to live someplace so green :)
    Sounds like you have your hands and heart full of challenges with your sis. and mom. Happy to read that your hubby is doing some better.
    Thank you for your positive attitude! You inspire me to look for the best in all people, and in all situations.



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