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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I went on stroll down memory lane reading a friend's post yesterday and decided to take another stroll. Does anyone remember these Fab Fashions?  :)

These are Go-Go Boots. Why they are so named I have no idea. I had a pair like this in grade school. They looked better than these kinda shape-less things. lol

These other items I had at different stages in my young life. I don't know what order they came in.

Bell bottom pants.

Hot pants (I had a pair like the ones with suspenders) I wore them with a gold long sleeved blouse. The sleeves  were kinda poofy at the bottom with button cluffs.

Sizzler Dresses..Cute short dresses with matching underwear or shorts.

The two pictures above are of Gunny Sax dresses. The spelling may be wrong. The blue one was like one I had only the white on the skirt was wider and crocheted.  The white dress is kinda like the one I had. Mine had a very full skirt, thicker material and very modest. These I wore to church in my late teens in the mid to late 70s

Well there is just a few of the frightening styles of the 70s. LOL

Wow! I wouldn't be caught dead in these things now. Well maybe the bell bottoms wouldn't be too bad. And the long dresses were lovely.

Well I guess that's it for now. Take care my friends.

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  1. Fun post!
    Of course I remember all of those fashions, from days gone by.
    Oh, how cute were Gunny Sax?!! Of course I couldn't afford them at the time, but I loved them. I was lucky enough that my church skirts were all homemade... not store bought.



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