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Monday, January 13, 2014


Hi ladies,
Well, no change on the Mom and Sister situation. So that is a good thing...kinda.  Hubby, however is a different story. For those of you who don't know Mel has been in the hospital since last Wednesday. He has pneumonia and fluid in his lungs.  He has been on anitbiotics all this time.  And the fluid retention in his lungs and legs and everywhere has been a problem. He is having trouble breathing and his legs are so swollen. He is on a diuretic or a water pill to reduce this. This medicine makes him have to "go" every 10 minutes practically. :(  It is difficult for him to move and his back is hurting so bad so you can imagine how awful it is to have to get up to "go" that often. 
He is also having mega headaches. Last time that happened he had a stroke.  Huge headaches normally are not a sign of stroke.  But for him it was.  So I have had them get a CT scan to see if anything is going on in his brain...well anything BAD going on.  Haven't heard anything yet.
Ok on to something fun. I was born and a raised in Seattle, Wa. We are up here in Washington as you may know.  The Seattle Seahawks football team is close to being in the Superbowl so everyone is going nuts up here.  I found this cute little graphic on another blog.


Anyway, that is what is going on here. Thank you for your encouraging comments and prayers. You are all sweet and I miss being here more often. 

Take care, oxox


  1. HI Janet- I am so sorry to hear about your hubby. That is too bad. I hope he does okay and that the CT Scan doesn't show any problems. Is he getting enough oxygen? That can cause massive headaches if he is oxygen deprived. Good luck to ALL of you. I am keeping you in my prayers- xo Diana

  2. So sorry it is being a tough time Janet ~ I'll pray for you both, that a corner will be turned and healing begin.
    Headaches make everything worse, poor Mel.
    And it is lonely for you, besides very worrying.

    I hope you can encourage yourself with a few strategically~placed little treats throughout the days.
    I'm glad your team is doing well ~I didn't realise you were in Washington ~they're bound to win, now!!
    Take care and God bless you

  3. Oh Janet, you are really having a tough time of it. Did hubby have the flu first? I got the flu then by Christmas I got bronchitis. Yuck. You will be in my prayers, has he had a blessing? Bless you!


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