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Saturday, January 10, 2015


Hello all,

Well, tonight is the Seattle Seahawks game. They are playing the Panthers. Seahawks are first in the conference standings and Panthers are fourth.

Tomorrow, while I am at  church, :( The Greenbay Packers in second place, will be playing the Dallas Cowboys who are in third place. By the time I get home from church the game will be over.

My hubby is a Packers fan from wayyyyyyyyy back.  We are living in Seattle..Seahawks  country. Where I was born and raised. I was thinking wouldn't it be fun to have both teams win this weekend and play each other next week for the conference championship.  The winner of that game would play in the Superbowl on February 1st for the NFC against the winner of the AFC division playoff game.

Well, we shall see...Diana? I hope you all are ready for tomorrows game. :) Who would you like to play in the next game or in the Superbowl?

Take care everyone.   GO SEAHAWKS :)  

WOOHOO !!  They did it !  Okay Packers, your turn. :)

PS...the Packers did it too ! Gonna be a good game next week. WOOHOOO!!


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  1. Janet, you really know your football. And I don't have a clue! :) I do think it would be very interesting for you and your husband if the Packers played the Seahawks for the championship.

    Have a wonderful Sunday


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