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Sunday, January 11, 2015


Hi there,

I have decided to add Quotes Or Verses I Like...to my sidebar.

Also if you didn't see the addition to my last post, or the PS..The Packers did win and they will  be playing the Seahawks in Seattle next week.  Too bad we can't go down and watch it in person.

I have been thinking about doing something different with my blog. Not sure what. Any ideas??

I hope you are all staying warm. I know some of you have had big snow storms in the past few weeks. I am sooooooo jealous. I miss the winters of  Utah and Wyoming so bad. :(

Ok, I need to stop whining. lol

Hubby has surgery in the morning. He is getting a fistula done. That is a procedure where a vain and an artery in the upper arm are opened and connected  to each other. This location will then be used for being connected to the dialysis machine. Instead of using the tunnel catheter that is in his chest. 

So we will be quite busy tomorrow. With that and recovering the rest of the day. Just found this funny pic on Google.    

LOL We have been giving this a bit of thought while deciding in which arm to place the fistula. Sometimes the strength in the arm can lessen. 

I found this one too...

The surgeon has done lots of these procedures. So I don't have to be concerned. But I am anyway of course. 

Well, gotta run. Please pray that all goes well or Mel and he has a speedy recovery. Thanks

Take care all and have a great week.


  1. Praying for Mel! No snow here either!
    Didn't realise you're in Seattle...you two pop up all over the place!!!

  2. Praying for Mel and praying for your strength....


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