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Monday, June 11, 2012

Thank You Donna And Look What I Did..Woohoo!! :)

Hi everyone,

I have found two great blogs. Have you ever wondered how to make a header/banner of photos across the top of your blog? Or how to center blog buttons on your sidebar, put a button in a post like the one below or make snow fall on your blog? 

Thanks to Donna at G G's Creative Corner , I have learned how to do those things. :) YAYYYYY  Thank you Donna. 

Easy Blog Tips!

In a recent post Donna introduced Jill of Sneaky Momma Blog Design. To check out her blog click on the button above. Jill has tutorials on how to do lots of different things to make your blog look great with easy step by step instructions and pictures. Also Jill referred to  a blog called Clover Lane .  This site has great tutorials as well.  Oh and recipes too if you are interested. :)

If you go to check them out let them I sent you, ok?

I made the header at the top of this blog. I like it. It is pictures of Logan Canyon in Utah.  We went there on Wednesday.  I didn't take these pictures on the trip though. 

To see the centered images/buttons, falling snow and a better looking header check out my other blog at Bear Country Primitives.  The clickable buttons on the sidebar were not centered before. One was to the left the next to the right etc.

Well, I should go. I will write about our trip to Logan next time. :)

Have a great evening and a wonderful Tuesday.

Take care


  1. Great job!
    Thanks also, for the tips.

    I need to check out the blogs that you mentioned.

    Looking forward to reading all about your trip.


  2. Hi Janet! Your new header looks great! I wonder if the blog tips would work with wordpress? I'll have to try them--thanks for the info. Hope you had a great time on your trip!--Jan

  3. Janet- Your header looks great. Don't you just love Donna? She is such a helpful and wonderful person. You did a wonderful job- xo Diana

  4. Thanks Janet for the info ~ I'll have to go check it out!!!
    You did a wonderful job on your header ~ Love it!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Prim Blessings

  5. I like what you've done at the top, here.
    I want to do the same!
    I must'nt spend more time on blogging than I already do, though.
    It'll have to be the same old, same old, 'fraid!
    Blessings to you,
    xxx H

  6. Love your header! I am going to try to do one.:)


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