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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Trip To Logan And I Need Your Advice

Hi everyone,

Well, I knew it was going to be almost a week before I posted again. I did read your blogs. But I wasn't able to do a lot of commenting, sorry.
I love to read your blogs and hear about what you all are up to. :)

A couple weeks ago my hubby, Princess Downy and I went to visit some friends in Logan, Utah. It is about 2 1/2 hours away.  We saw a few antelope...

and lots of chipmunks...

They would scurry across the road so fast. Even ones smaller than this one.  At one point I thought that we had seen so many that I thought of calling that area Chipmunk Alley. LOL  

The best part of the drive was getting into and driving down Logan Canyon. First we passed through a little area around Bear Lake which in on the border of Utah and Idaho. It is a nice little area Lake Town and Garden City I think the little towns there are called. Cute little shop and places to eat. They also have a yearly Raspberry Festival.

Below are some pictures of the Canyon...


Sometimes there is snow in the mountains year round.  Below is a lodge in Logan canyon. I think it is called Beaver Creek Lodge. When the weather is nice they have horse back riding and 4 wheeling. In the winter, as you can see, they have snowmobiles  available to use.

It is a lovely drive. The only thing that bothered me about it was, there were many  hairpin turns that made me a little sore and dizzy. LOL

Now for the advice...I am wondering if those of you who sell your crafts online in your blogs and elsewhere, if you would have any advice on the best way to sell. Or how to make it a steady income. Do you all use PayPal for your transactions? And when you see how much an item costs you to make, how much more do you sell it for? Also what do you think of Etsy, and Pinterest? (did I spell that right)?

Ok now I need to catch up with your posts from yesterday and today. :) Love it. And then run and get the housework done. DON"T love it. LOL

It is very not here. About 83 degrees.  Yuckie.  Thank goodness there is a good breeze though. :)

Have a FUNderful weekend everyone.  Take care...    


  1. what beautiful photos!
    I sold my art through Etsy, and I also had people wanting to buy from my blog, I found I made as many sales through my blog as I did through Etsy without the fees for Etsy.Now to make a regular income you would probably need to go through Etsy but I do know people who have a shop set up on their blog, if people feel save paying ( Paypal) then the sales will come.I suppose I'm not much help but this is just my experience, I closed my Etsy and just sold through my blog, best of luck, If I were you I would find someone with a shop on their blog and ask if they would mind giving tips, you could do both Etsy and you blog, best of luck

  2. one more thing, do you know Debbie Doo's, she has a newbie party for bloggers with less than 100 people following, if you join her link party you could increase you followers then that would increase your exposure for your crafts.

  3. Sounds like a fun trip!
    I haven't been in that part of Utah for years and years...... such a pretty place.

    Sorry no advice on earning an income through crafting on-line.

    Have a wonderful weekend !!

    Smiles :)

  4. Hi, Janet! You just popped into my mind so I thought I would come over to see how you have been. :) I hope you, your husband, and Princess Downy are doing wonderful.

    What an enjoyable trip you had! The canyon is beautiful.

    Have a great Sunday.



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