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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ok I Just Had To Do It :) And I Am Excited

Hi there,

SOMEONE, I know mentioned Christmas in her post yesterday or the day before.  :)You know who you are. LOL

It was ok though. Today we were roasting at either 84 or 94 degrees depending on what part of town we were in. Oh my goodness! Whew!

Anything that will make me feel cooler is appreciated. Thanks Diana.  :)

Wait! Is that snow falling?? LOL

I just can't believe that 2012 is half over already.  181 days til Christmas. Just in case you were wondering. :)

I am excited. Today I figured out how to make a blog button with a grab box for my business blog. It isn't perfect. It is just my first try at it. Took me all night. If you'd like to check it out and maybe even grab it CLICK HERE

Well this is short cause I gotta go to bed. I hope all  of you have a wonderful day.

Take care all :)


  1. well I think its lovely, how clever too! I joined as a follower of your other blog, again, I think I disappeared the first time, ha ha,

  2. I get such anxiety attacks thinking of Christmas. Thanks dear friend for bringing it up!

  3. Holy Moly...
    Snow in June~~LOL!

    I'm with Susan... thinking about Christmas already stresses me out!


  4. Love seeing that Charlie Brown picture this morning in the middle of a hot summer. I basically just try to survive summer. I really enjoy the other three seasons!! :)


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