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Saturday, July 14, 2012

How I Spent My Summer Vacation..2010

I hope you are all having a great weekend so far.

In the summer of 2010 I went to visit my mom and sister in Washington state. Besides trying to help them with there health concerns and having a lovely spiritual experience that you can read about HERE,  I got to visit with a girlfriend I went to school with. We hadn't seen  each other in over twenty years. We had a blast. I wanted to show you pictures of where we went. :)

Coupeville, Washington is a little town in or near Oak Harbor and Whidby Island. It has great little shops and is on the water.

The place with the red room is a Bed and Breakfast. Isn't it cute? This next one is a picture of a restaurant out on the water. There are also a couple of gift shops in there. I thought I had a closer picture.

Then a couple pictures of my friend and I.  Have I shown a picture of me on here before? Hmm. I know I did once back when I first started my blog in November of last year. Well, I actually started my blog on Halloween. But it was on my sidebar and I have since deleted it.  Don't know if there is another. Anyway, I guess we won't know who is me and who is my friend. I won't tell who took the pictures. Maybe I took them all or maybe not. :)

These last two pictures are of the Deception Pass bridge that I had to go over on my way to and from Coupeville. The pictures are cool, but seeing it in person is way better. It has quite a history too. If you are interested just Google Deception Pass.

This was quite a drive from mom's place.  And I had never been there before. I over shot a turn, just once, and ended up in another town. lol  Well I hope this was a fun little trip. Maybe the next 'trip' pictures will be Logan. :)  We got approved for the apartment that we wanted. YAYYY!  Has the 'must haves' that I wanted: No stairs, a closed in patio for Princess Downy, TWO bathrooms (WOOHOO!!), and a dishwasher that is NOT me. LOL  Who can ask for anything more?

Gotta run..I hope you all have a great weekend. And that you get rain if you need it. Take care.


  1. What great pictures~ Can you believe it is two summers later already? xo Diana

  2. Great pics girl! What a great place to be. Logan will be good for you'!


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