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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Prayer Request Mom Update

Hello everyone,

Thank you Jan and Susan for your prayers. Last night I was just so frazzled. :( 

What happened was this...mom always takes the big trash can with wheels down to the curb. Well she was doing this when she fell. She lives in a fourplex. And someone left the garden hose out and it was in her way. She stepped on it and it rolled I guess and she went down and smashed the back of her head on a big flower pot. It happened so fast the she couldn't get her hands out to stop herself. :(

She had a laceration on her head. First they told me that they may stitch it up. Then maybe just glue it. Then they took her to radiology for a brain CT scan and also a CT of her neck. She was fine except that they found a menengioma (sp) in her brain. The doc said that it didn't seem to be the type of a tumor that would be cancerous cause it had not grown since her last CT scan. The neck CT showed the uppermost part of her lungs and a nodule in the left one. The doc is a little concerned about that and told her to follow up on that with her doc. Well, mom doesn't have a regular doc so it won't happen. :(  Both of these things can be benign or non cancerous.  I will pray for this.

After all of this. two hours later they finally cleaned up her head and decided not to do anything to the laceration..they didn't even dress it and cover I am told. How weird is that?

I talked to her today. She sounds like her old self. Her head doesn't hurt at all.  Soon I will talk to her again about her and my sister moving down here. So I can have all the stressful events in one place. LOL

We got the ok to move to the place that we want in Logan, Utah.  We will be moving on the first or second Saturday of next month. YAYYY !! I can't wait.

That's about all that is going on here. I hope things are a lot better for all of you. And that you have a wonderful day.

Take care. :)


  1. Janet, I missed your last post. How scary for you and your Mom. At least she is ok and released from the hospital. It must be the week for mom head injuries - mine now has a gash over one eye. When I bandaged it up she looked like a pirate.
    I hope your mom continues to improve and stays away from flower pots :)

  2. Hi Janet--it's scary how quick an accident can happen--I don't blame you for wanting your mom and sister nearer so you can keep an eye on them more easily. --Jan

  3. Hi Janet,
    Sorry to hear about your mom. It is the hardest thing to watch them age and all the trauma that can happen to them. Too bad they are not like kids that tend to bounce back.
    Hope you are ready for your move to Cache Valley!!
    Prayers for your mom.

  4. I am so glad your Mom is doing better. I really hope that your family moves closer to you so you can help when it's needed. Congrats on Logan! That's the place for you!


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