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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hello everyone, I hope that you have had a great week so far.

Today I was in Smith's Food and Drug, the only supermarket in town besides Walmart. I had just picked up my last item and was headed to the self check out area when the lights went out. And the registers went down. All except one at the other end of the row of check stands. I went down there to check out and then left.

While I was in the store it had started to rain and the wind was blowing. It  was nice and cool. I stood there with my face turned up and felt the cold rain drops on my face. It was great.  The power was out part of the way home. When I got home I found out that our power had gone out too. We were across town from the store.

I called the power company and was told that it may be til 10pm before the power would be back. It was about 7pm.  Well, 10pm came and went. We sat around in complete darkness. Even after I borrowed a good flashlight from our neighbor.  I called the power company again and the time of it to be repaired was moved to between 12 midnight and 2am. Dandy. lol Oh, and they said that 7,200 + people were without power. I am thinking that is almost half the population here. Maybe.

Well I thought that's fine I can just sit here in the dark and think about our plans for moving. Tomorrow we will find out if we will  get the place we want.  I wasn't going to sit here and whine and complain about no power. Not when so many people in the east have been without power for a week or more.

The power came back on at 12:54am. :)

At one point I stood in the front doorway and looked up and WOW...have you ever  done that?  Looked up and seen zillions of stars? I love when that happens. It is so amazing. :) 

Also before it got dark I saw part of a rainbow in the eastern sky.

So many beautiful things that Heavenly Father created for us to enjoy. Sigh...

Well, I should go. Have a wonderful day. 

Stay cool and take care...


  1. It's funny how those inconveniences can turn into blessings, like stars, drops of rain on your face, rainbows. I know our time will come when we get that awesome rain. I have faith!

  2. What beautiful moments they must have been (the rain drops and the stars). I certainly does give a sense of awe to look up at the stars with no light pollution.
    I hope you get your new home...exciting!
    Do keep us posted.
    xxx H

  3. So glad your power came back on :) Sometimes it takes moments like that to stop and look at the blessings around us.

  4. What blessings we have indeed. I am glad that your power outage was shortlived. I hope you find out if you get your new home soon- xo Diana


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