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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Hi everyone. I hope you have had a good week. It is almost over. The weekend is almost here. :)
We have been having crazy hot days lately, but thank goodness cool nights. We have been packing and cleaning. I have moved lots of times and know the drill. :) But now it seems like I just can't do it any more. This might be the last time.
Anyway, we will be loading the moving van tomorrow evening and leaving town Saturday morning. We should arrive in Logan, Utah around noon or one.
Tomorrow morning we are going to go to Logan to sign the papers, pay the rent and get the keys. We will be able to see the place and unload some thing from the car into the dining room. The carpet may still be wet.Then leave to be back in time for loading the moving van.
I sure hope all goes well. I hope too that the UNpacking will go smoother and quicker  than packing. lol
I will not have internet for a while. I can go to the library in town once in a while to check emails and maybe get a post in. The first time may not be for a while though. I can still get your emails and comments on my cell phone internet. :) That is a good thing.
I will miss coming here to read about what all of you are up to. I will miss you. If you want you can email me. :) I'd love you hear from you.
Well, I gotta run..have a great rest of the week and a wonderful weekend. Take care :)


  1. best wishes on this exciting new beginning, take care!!!!

  2. I hope things go smoothly for the move. I'll be watching for you to be back online. Safe travels!

  3. Best of luck with the move!
    A new adventure awaits :)

    I'll be watching for your return to blogging... but no hurry.
    Take care and enjoy the journey.


  4. Janet- Good luck to you in your move. I know how stressful moving can be- we have done it many, many times, too. God bless you as you settle into your new home. Keep in touch as best you can-xo Diana

  5. I hope everyting goes smoothly with your move! Can't wait to hear all about it :)

  6. Janet--Moving is such a big job--but think how exciting it will be to settle into a new home!! I hope everything goes smoothly for you and will be looking forward to your first post from your new home!--Jan


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