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Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Already?? :)


Wow! I can't believe it is December already.  I love this time of year. I have probably already said that in a post somewhere. lol
It is snowing here. Only lightly. And the wind is blowing a lot. It is 1:12 am. 

WHOA! Just had a huge gust of wind here.  It rattled the house and knocked things around on the porch, I think. I hope it doesn't blow out the pilot light in the furnace like it did last time. BRRRR was it cold in here then.

Just wanted to say hi and have a good Thursday. Love the snowman picture.  Take care all.


  1. Morning.. I hope you have a great day too...Just keep that snow over there with you..hehe..I hate snow!


  2. Keep warm and hope the winds die down a bit for you... Time is flying by.Before we know it, it will be christmas morning...then everything is taken down and then the house is bare once again...Ha..
    Take care and stay warm and hope the snow doesn't get to bad...We are getting rain on saturday...This is a warm winter thus far for us.. Which is okay by me...no shoveling is fine by me...
    Have a great day...Lisa

  3. Brrr... it's cold here too.
    Although, we luckily escaped the horrible winds and snow that other parts of Utah had to deal with.
    We've had the wood stove cranked up all day, and the house is nice and toasty. Thankfully.
    It's hard to believe that Dec. is here already.
    Guess that means that we are getting closer to spring :)


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