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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Ponderings....

Hi everyone, I  hope you all have had a wonderful Sunday.

Tonight's Sunday Ponderings  is not about spiritual things. It is about the weather. Yes the weather. I was sitting here thinking about how nice and cold it is outside. The  wind blowing great gusts that shake the house. The snow falling. How I love that. Then all of a sudden the cold was inside. LOL

Yep, the last great gust of wind that shook the house came right down the chimney pipe to the furnace and blew the pilot light out, again. This is the second time, I think, in two weeks or so.  My husband can't fix it. And I don't, well didn't have a clue. So I had to call a friend to come down and fix it.  It was 9:30 pm.  I don't like to call people after 9 pm.  They were already in their jammies and ready for bed. Oh dear. : (  But said they would come and help.  On top of that they lived up on the hill. The roads there are steep and windy and slippery.  With the snow and ice and 8 degree temps, which is supposed to get down to  at least -2 or more during the night, I was worried about their drive.  

NOT a good time to have no heat either. I was glad that this hadn't happened any later in the night.
So tonight I got a lesson on how to relight the pilot light.  And I will go to the store tomorrow  and get long stick matches. I think also, that the chimney top on the roof needs replacing. I think it is broken and that is why the wind can get down into the furnace.

That was the highlight of our day lol. Oh and the Greenbay Packers won. They are still undefeated this season. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY PACKERS (that's for my husband, he is a big Packers fan)  We got cable again and he was able to watch the game today.  I am glad he was able to see them win.

Well, gotta run, it is late. Have a great Monday. Take care 


  1. Ugggggggggg... Cold snowy weather... and you love it...Well you just might change your mind about winter and snow if that furnace keeps blowing out...I love the change of seasons but cold and snow and ice is for the birds I hate it, my body hates it, my critters hate it, My wallet hates it...lol..
    You better take care of the chimney cover before the real winter weather sets in my friend or it could be a lot colder then even you like. Thank goodness for your wonderful neighbor..

    Have a Great Week!!

    Holiday Blessings

  2. Yikes, it sure is cold in your parts! We are still fairly warm here for this time of year. I put my jacket, toboggan, and gloves on this morning to go out and find that it wasn't cold! I am enjoying the warmth. :)

    I am glad you were able to get your heat going last night. I hope your pilot light doesn't go out again!

    Have a great Monday and stay warm.


  3. You certainly had an adventure.
    Thank heavens for great neighbors, and for the fact that the furnace just needed the pilot light re-lit. I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious.
    I really used to love winter.... but not anymore.
    I try and stay positive, but let me tell you... everyday that passes by, I think how it gets us one day closer to Spring :)


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