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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Holy Spirit Or Holy Ghost

Hi everyone,

I hope you have had a great Wednesday.

Tonight I have a question for you. :) As you know I like to talk about spiritual things. See my last post for example. :)

I have a question for those of you who would like to comment here or at my email..half way down my sidebar there is an email image to click on. :)

From your reading of the scriptures, in your opinion,  what is the Holy Spirit, or Holy Ghost? What does he do? Besides being the Comforter. What is his 'job' or calling?

I know, you are probably thinking, huh?  Why is she asking this? :)  I am just curious. I like reading the scriptures and learning new things each time. And I like to hear about that others think and learn too.

Because there are so many different faiths with differing opinions on things I like to learn what people believe and why.  :)

And did you know there is the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit and the Gift of the Holy Ghost? What would be your thoughts on that? So I guess I have two things I am curious about. :)

Ok, gotta run. Have a wonderful Thursday. Take care...


  1. Read your post yesterday just now...and now you gave me a heavy question to think about with this one...I have always said Holy Spirit... The Holy Spirit is our comfortor, protector and healer...He is the one that gives us the goose bumps to let us know He is there to lean on and to carry us through all our ills and peace...Does that make sense,,Sometimes I don;t make sense at times...
    Have a great day...

  2. Hi, Janet! I think the Holy Spirit helps us to discern between good and evil and right and wrong and truth and fiction, etc.

    Have a nice evening.


  3. Do you think perhaps the Holy Spirit has much to do with Communication (from God)?? I feel as tho' it could be the aspect of God that guides and prompts us, like a whisper of Truth in our 'inner' ear.
    Just a thought! Its a difficult thing to put into a few words...
    xx H

  4. He is a being just like God and Jesus Christ. He communicates with us what God or Jesus want us to know. He is part of the Godhead and is a gift bestowed upon us when we are confirmed a member of his Church. He is that whisper in our ear, that inspiration we get, that swelling in our bosom when we know something is true.

  5. Hello, just found your blog. I think the Holy Spirit is what we regard as our conscience, it's the instinct that guides us, the nagging feeling that makes us feel guilty when we know we were wrong, the reassuring feeling when we know we did right. That's my interpretation. Betty


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