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Monday, February 13, 2012

Poor Granny :) And Some Cute Photos

Hi everyone,

I hope you have had a great Monday. :)

Last night when I kinda went to bed early, and while I was wide awake, I  thought of something that my sister and I did to our grandma that was fun.

Grandma was a sweet little lady. She was 5 foot nothing, weighed about 90 lbs. And never said a bad word.  And the only time she raised her voice was talking to grandpa, he had become hard of hearing.

Well, my sister and I used to spend a lot of weekends at their house. And every time Grandma went into the bathroom we would hide in the hall outside the door.  I don't know if she got used to it and knew we would be there or not. When she came out we would jump out at her yelling BOO!!.  And she would jump like we scared her out of her skin. LOL Then we would laugh so hard. ROFLOL  Poor Granny. We really had lots of fun at their house.

Here are some cute pictures of my sis and I. This first one is the day mom brought sis home from the hospital so she was only a few days old. Grandma is holding her and the other little one is me at 13 months old.

Next is grandma holding us both.

Julie sure cries a lot.  Next we are a little older in a type of stroller you don't see anymore.

Me on the left. All of these pics are taken at grandma and grandpa's house in Seattle.  This next one reminds me of something. See the black mail slot at the right? The mail would go in there and be on the floor of the closet inside.  And the white box was where the newspaper was put. The closet always smelled like mothballs.Weird I can almost smell them now.

The next two are in the living room. First in front of the fireplace.  Then on a bench or something in front of the fireplace.

Ok, all done.  Oh and the cute little one at the top of the post is me. The only good picture ever taken of me. lol  I can't find the other pictures, yet. They are in this computer somewhere. I will have to post them another time.

Have a great night and a wonderful Tuesday. Take care

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  1. Oh sweet! There is nothing like a grandma's love is there? I love your description of the letterbox! Chilren really are sensory beings.
    Isn't it amazing how smells from childhood , transport you straight back in time? x


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