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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This And That :)

Hi everyone,

WOW! I can't believe it is February already.  Where did January go? 

Internet update.  Internet guy came while I was gone and didn't call like he was supposed to. Didn't do anything.  Oh well...Cable channels are added and I think that in a couple days cable and internet will be back to normal. 

 The other day I was able to visit a lady that had  bears all over her office. Big bears, little bears, in between size bears. :)  She let me take pictures of them.  I will try to get them on my business blog soon and maybe here too. It will be great since the name of my business is Bear Country Primitives. And for those of you who don't know yet here is the link.  http://bearcountryprimitives.blogspot.com  This site should be up and running in about one month.  :)

Snow? Well, it is in the  forecast.  Won't be much though. :( Maybe an inch or so. This has been the strangest winter ever.  I wonder if it is waiting for summer? LOL  Well, around here that wouldn't be an odd thing....we have had blizzards in July, honest.

One day, and I can't remember what month it was, maybe in the spring we had so much snow. I got up to go to work in the morning and had to brush about  8 inches of snow of my car.  It kept on snowing through the morning. At about noon or one o'clock I had to brush the same amount of snow off my car to go home for lunch. It kept on snowing, so much that just an hour later I was brushing lots of snow of the car again to go back to work. And it kept on snowing.  At about 6pm I was off work and there was a foot or more of snow on my car. I couldn't believe it!  And it was freezing. There was ice under all that snow.  I had to sit in my car for a long time defrosting the windows. It was quite a day. :)

Is anyone watching the Republican Campaign?  When there is a primary I check out the news channels to see whats happening. I usually miss the debates. I can't remember when they are on. I am not sure what I think about things. :)  But feel free to comment on this if you'd like. :)

I guess I will say one thing.  I think that a persons religion should not be an issue.  Mr Romney is LDS. Mr Santorum and Mr. Gingrich are Catholics, and Mr Perry ( no longer running) is Evangelical, I think.  Soooo? :)  We as republicans or democrats, are voting for the person that will be able to fix the economy, get more jobs, and help people stay in their homes etc. Whether they are republicans or democrats.  Someone said recently, " We are voting for a Commander-in-chief not a Pastor-in-chief." I hope I said that right.  Ok, I'm done. :)

Oh my goodness.....I am surprised that my internet is still ok. I should probably post this before something happens.

I love to hear from all of you. Makes my day. Especially when I can wake up to your comments.

Have a great Wednesday everyone. Take care. :)


  1. So glad your internet and cable will be back to normal soon!

    I'm not sure where the snow is this year! Winter has me confused. Yesterday I cleaned out one of our garden beds for onions. I am itching to plant something! If it doesn't get cold soon I 'm just going to start growing stuff. :)

    Two things I look for in a president are if they are conservative(like me) and Christian. Do they believe in Jesus? Are they looking to God for guidance? I believe God has the answers even for the U.S. president. That's just me. The nice thing about America is we are free to vote for whom ever we choose for whatever reasons. :)

    Have a great Wednesday!


  2. I agree with you about a Presidential candidate. Doesn't matter what religion they are. But for some reason, people are so afraid of us Mormons. Brother! I remember when I was a kid and President Kennedy was elected. Everyone was in a spin about him being Catholic. Wierdorama! Anyway, here's to hoping your internet and cable get all worked out! Have a good one!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments. I always enjoy hearing from you. Have a wonderful day. :)