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Friday, February 10, 2012

Princess Downy's Condo


Howdy everyone,

I hope that your week has been great so far. I can't believe it is just about over.

Last night as I laid in bed trying to sleep, I was wondering why does my cell phone say 'No Service'?  There was no reason for it. I had paid for a new card and called it in. The weather was fine so the towers shouldn't be getting any interference. So whats the problem? 

It kept me awake for a while. I thought, I am not going to be able to check it when I wake up to see who had  left comments on last nights post. :(  I would have to get up, come clear out to the computer and wait for the hour it takes to boot up (well it seems like an hour this critter is sooooooo slooooow) And then wait for the slow browser and the slow virus update thing and all.  Then a few hours later while I was still awake service was restored. YAYYYYYY! :)

Maybe you are all wondering, what does this have to do with Princess Downy and her condo? Well while I was thinking about the phone Downy was doing something funny and it made me think of the title for this post. So I turned the light on and made a note of this title.

When we moved here a few years ago Mel's sister asked if we wanted a four poster bed that they had and weren't using. I thought sure we can use it.  It is bigger than ours and it has six drawers under it. When we set it up I noticed that the drawers did not back up to each other and that made a long little tunnel under the middle of the bed. So I thought I really don't want to have to keep fussing at Downy to not go under there or not be able to get her out because of an emergency, so I put a piece of cardboard up in front of the space so that she couldn't get in.

Well, the cardboard fell away from the space one day and guess who noticed it and decided to investigate? :) I thought oh dandy. lol  Well after worrying about it for a while I decided to forget about it and let her go.  The long space under there is just the right size for Downy to walk in without too much trouble.  She will go in at the foot of the bed and go clear to the head of the bed and out. There is a space between the bed and the wall. She will lay there for hours. I can only see one side of her when she does that. She was under the bed so much that one day when I asked where she was Mel said shes in her little apartment or condo. LOL That just cracked me up. Well, she does 'live' under there.

Last night the funny thing that she did was something that she always does.  She will rest and then get up and start scratching or digging the carpet.  The carpet is old and will have to be replaced. And was cleaned when we moved in. She has done that so much for the past couple years that you would think that she'd broken through to China. :)

Last night I thought, and I told Mel before we went to sleep, Since under the bed is her condo it should have rooms. So maybe, since we really don't use the drawers much, we can saw off the backs of them and put blankets in them and put them back under the bed.  Then the Princess can have her 6 bedroom condo. And she can sleep in a different bedroom/drawer 6 days of the week. Sounds like a great idea to me.  :)

She loves her little home.  Now I just have to figure out a kitchen and a bathroom. lol  Any ideas?

Have a great Friday. Take care...


  1. Hi, Janet. That is too funny-Princess Downy's condo! She is for sure a pampered pet.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Hi, Janet. That is too funny-Princess Downy's condo! She is for sure a pampered pet.

    Have a great weekend.


  3. Well Princess Downy certainly has not been effected by the housing crash :)
    She's moving up!!

    Cute idea to give her more space :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Too adorable, she captures ones heart in just a picture. Hope your phone service is ok now.
    Happy Valentine's ~
    TTFN ~


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