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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jumping The Gun, And I Was So Scared :(


Well a minute ago I realized I had jumped the gun. Is that the right way to say it?  I had put up a St. Patty's day background and it is not even March yet.  LOL  So I changed it to this. It is a pretty springy one. But, wait, am I jumping the gun again? Normally we don't get spring til May or June. But wait again, we still need to have WINTER.  I'M SO CONFUSED! LOL

Now for the scare. I called my mom (who will be 79 in a couple months) tonight at her 8:30pm. She is in Washington state. The phone rang a while then stopped. She didn't say hello, there was no TV noise in the background, no nothing.  I called out to her a few times, nothing. I listened real hard.  I could hear just the tiniest if sounds. I thought maybe she could hear me and I just couldn't hear her. So I told her to hang up and I will call her right back. Then I thought what if there is something wrong. If I hang up and she couldn't hang up because she was in trouble like maybe she had fallen again or had a stroke or something and couldn't talk, then I wouldn't be able to call again cause the phone would be off the hook. I waited for a minute or two then hung up. Then I called back and got a busy signal. OH DEAR!!! :(

The only thing I could think was that she WAS in trouble. I called her next door neighbor,  no answer,  I left a message.  Then I called the police station there and no one was there, just a recording.  If I called the emergency # then my cell phone would be out of service for a while and I needed to use it. It is the only phone that I have.  I called the police here to see if they could connect me to the police there. They said no. ????  How can there not be a way to do that in an EMERGENCY??  

I called the only other number there that I knew, the bishop (pastor) of the church up there. His number had been changed. Oh, I don't need this I thought.  While I was doing this the police here were calling me back interrupting my calling him.  Then I called them back and they said that they found and called a number up there and got a real person. So I called that number. By this time at least 30 minutes had done by.  When I got someone on that number I was trying to tell her quickly the situation and she kept interrupting  me with questions that could have been asked after she heard what I had to say and sent an officer up there. Gosh! I was ready to burst and she was asking me my name and phone number . Anyway, she said she would have them call after they had been up there to see what was wrong.

Half hour later, no call. Good grief!  Whatever is wrong with mom had been going on at least an hour maybe more. I called them back and a different girl answered. She said yes someone has been sent. I will have him called you. And I was saying she could be dead, and she hung up on me. Is this post getting too long??

The policeman called a few minutes later. Said mom was ok and that she didn't know that something was wrong with the phone. He had told her to check and make sure it worked. I was still getting a busy signal. He said he would go back up to mom's, give him 5 minutes. For 15 more minutes I got the busy signal.  

Then FINALLY, after almost and hour and a half of worry, I got to talk to my mommy. :) Whew!! The only thing I could think before talking to the policeman was that she was dead. :(  I was crying and going crazy. And how was I going to tell my sister and nephew...and how was I going to get up there?  Big sighhhhhh......... 

Ok, I'm done. Sorry. That was a very stressful thing. I have been having a hard time trying to figure out how to get them all down here. So if something happens, I can do something.  I can be there for them. Oh my goodness....

Ok, NOW I'm done.  On the lighter side of my life. Princess Downy thought that she could make more noise than a train tonight. lol When  I had her out earlier a train went by. We are a couple blocks from it, but it is still very loud.  I called her to come in and she just barked and barked. I told her it was just the train. But she kept barking like she thought that she could make more noise than it did. Or that she could scare it away. LOL.  Silly doggie :) 

Well that's all for tonight. I hope you all have a great weekend. Take care :)

 This this cute or what? :)


  1. Ah, poor dear Janet! I'm so glad your Mom was okay. Now you can have a reprieve from the worry! I totally identify with your concern: my Mum is 92, and has had a stroke. Luckily she's being looked after by Dad, but he's 89!
    I only live 100 miles away, but still, I often wonder if I will need to zoom over to them in an emergency. Its a constant worry, really.
    I hope the Lord sends you and your Mom some peaceful days to come.You clearly love her so much.
    xxx Hugs,
    Alex/ Hazelnut

  2. Hi, Janet! I think your background is so pretty. I can't wait for spring. I hope I'm not widhing my life away!

    Thankfully your mom was fine! What a scare!

    Have a great evening.


  3. Oh my gosh, how scary it must have been for you! I know I worry about my parents too. They are 90 and still live on their own. Everytime the phone rings late at night I get scared. Your mother is very blessed to have a loving daughter like you!


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