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Friday, January 20, 2012

Welcome, Good Girl, Weather, And God Bless

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Kim and Jan my new blog followers. :)

Well last night I posted before midnight AND went to bed earlier too. YAYYYY me.  What a good little girl I am :)

We didn't have much snow over night, just a little wet stuff that melted away in the sunshine. SUNSHINE?!?  Yes, this winter is verrrrrry strange.  So, because of this strangeness and the fact that, lately the weather is not happening like I say it will (even though the weatherman has said it first) I am not going to give a weather report tonight.  

Actually not much else is going on here. Hubby is watching a truck program on tv and I am here blogging and chatting with friends. I am going to have to stay up after midnight tonight cause hubby's blood sugar number is high and I will have to check it again in two hours. Then I will go to bed. 

I do have to run now. Have a great Saturday. Take care and...

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  1. I hope your hubby's blood sugar was normal when you took it again.
    We are getting some snow today, we live in a small country town of Hopkinton, Mass. We did get some snow yesterday morning and right now it is snowing they are saying 3 TO 6 inches of snow and I just looked out the window and it is already snowing, They said it wouldn't start until around
    noon, I think God has other plans.
    We are set with wood stacked up next to the wood stove. The wood stove is going now and it is so warm and toasty!
    Have a blessed day my friend. Stay warm and cozy too. Oh I do have to agree with you it has been a very strange winter this year than from pasts years!!


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