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Friday, January 13, 2012

Where Would YOU Rather Be?

Well, here I am again in the wee hours of the morning.  It is 3:10 am.  My computer has been giving me a hard time lately. More so than it usually does. My antivirus program wasn't doing its job either.  So I un-install it and re-installed it and it updated.  Now it is doing a scan, so I decided to stay up til it is done. I don't like to leave the computer on during the night when I am sleeping.  

Today I have been thinking, I'd rather be somewhere else. LOL  So much has been going on here with my husband, and in Washington state with my mom and sister. I am exhausted.  I need a vacation.  Since I really can't have a vacation, a real 'getaway' one I guess it will have to be all in my mind :)

I'd like to be in the mountains.  In the mountains where we used to live in northern Utah.  It was lovely there. I could have a nice little log home. With a fireplace and big windows to look out and see the critters,  and the trees that are covered with snow. I'd like to just spend the whole time looking out and watching the snow fall. Sigh.....

Oh I forgot the hot chocolate and a good book... maybe even THE GOOD BOOK :)  Last night I think it was I started my third book of the year. This is my 2nd reading of it. It is called The Inevitable  Apostasy by Tad Callister.  It talks about the new testament church, and how and when the apostasy, the 'falling away'  that was prophesied in the bible (2 Thess.2:3 ) occurred.  And also about the 'restitution of all things' that is also prophesied in the bible (Acts 3:21). It is very interesting. It is also about 2 inches thick. I think it will take me a while to read. :)  

Where would YOU rather be? :)  And if any of you have read on these topics I'd like to hear your thoughts on it. :)

Well, I should go. I hope you all have a great Friday.  I appreciate all your kind comments. Take care


  1. Good Morning.. Sorry you are having so much going on.. Your little getaway sounds lovely, though ... Even if it is in your mind it is still a getaway, eh? smile..
    Personally, I am just glad to be home..
    You are doing some heavy reading.. I love prophecy and am so glad that I can see it being fulfilled before my eyes..
    Jesus is coming soon...
    Well, take care dear girl and get some rest if you can..

  2. Janet, I have been praying for your sister and you and your husband..

    Where I would like to be...Most of the time I would love to live in a log cabin and living off the land somewhere...Being self sufficient..

    Today however I would love to be in a condo where the condo association did the snow blowing...We just had our first major snow storm and the wind blowing and snow drifts..I love snow but the shoveling I can so with out... I know you have been doing alot of shoveling...It's hard I know...

    Take care and I am praying for you...Lisa

  3. Ha ha, I guess I read too much because all of the places I'd like to go are in books—I'd love some of the scenery from All Creatures Great and Small or Anne of Avonlea.

    When I can't literally get away, I find a good book will take me where I need to go for a few hours. I hope you are able to get the rest and refreshment you need. Take care!

  4. Sorry you are dealing with so many stressors..it happenes more then we'd like I know. Hang in there this to shall pass..

    Where would I like to be right now..hummm untill about midnight last I was real happy to be where I am..Now I'd like to be hanging out with my brother & sister-n-law in Florida where its warm and there is no Snow.. I hate snow and mother nature has been really kind to us here but last night she decided it was time to remind us we live in Ohio where it snows and the wind blows... Burrrrrrrrrr..since I can't go to Fla visiting I guess I'll go out to the shop and create..at least there I can let my mind wonder & forget teh snow till I have to walk back to the trailer sometime in the middle of the night..My shop is my fantasy land most of the time!!

    Take care girlfriend & enjoy your book!!



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