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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Second Post Robbie and Jeremy "Moose"

Hi everyone it is me again...Mommy found the picture of Jeremy. Remember I told you last time that his name was "Moose"?  I am 3 months old here and he is 7 months.  Big baby.

We found a picture of daddy and me but it is being held for ransom I guess in Picasa. Mommy can't get it out or find it anywhere else on the computer. She just downloaded the program a few minutes ago.  

Oh,  Mommy found the picture of daddy and me. Check it out below. :)

See ya, Robbie


  1. Hi Janet-Sweet photos!!Well, you can tell they are both healthy babies! Our two started out just a few ounces different but the smaller one is now 6'4" and the bigger one is now 5'10". Go figure! You are so blessed to have those two sweeties! Hugs-Jan-Life on Buttermilk Hill

  2. Oh my, that is halarious.

    I'm glad you found the photo. :)


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