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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ol' Man Winter, Silliest post And Welcome

Howdy all,

I am kinda mixed up. Now my hubby would probably say ' Kinda'? Well, the problem is and many of you may be having the same problem..winter has not really arrived here yet.  From October 6th when we first got some snow til now, we may have gotten only a little over 24 inches total, maybe. Most of which has melted away

Now that is very strange for this part of the country. We are in western Wyoming. We are supposed to get SNOW not snow. We are at almost 7000 feet in elevation.  We need the snow to fill up the reservoirs. We need it so the rivers and creeks won't dry up in the summer.  
I think old man winter is gettin too old. He has fallen asleep on the job. Someone please wake the ol guy up. lol 

I know that some of you are not snow people and that is ok.  I will forgive you. :)  I am glad that you are enjoying the spring-ish weather. We have had those days here too. It is nice but...not normal. LOL  All the 'snow dances' that the children are doing across the country are not working. What are we to do? :)

Anyway, that is all for my silliest post of the year. I get flakey at this time of the morning.  LOL

Welcome to my newest followers, one from the USA, I think. And one from Italy. :)

Gotta go, it is a crazy hour in the morning again. Shame on me.  Have a great Tuesday. Take care


  1. I love snow, Janet, and we've only had a dusting of it so far this year! I'm hoping to at least get one snow day out of this winter! :)

  2. Hi Janet, Yea,this has been a really strange winter. We are in Ga and last year even WE had a white Christmas ,, so unheard of, and this year it has been like spring almost every day. I am in SC with hubby on a business trip and today temps. in the 60's and Spring like. Then tomorrow and Thursday, it is cold in the 40's but by the first of the week almost 70 degrees. No wonder we all have colds and the sniffles. Sure hope you get your snow. Sounds like it is much needed to help with your water levels. Take care and have a great day.

  3. Hi Janet.. So nice that you love the snow but it is something that I don't need a lot of... Forgive me.. grin..
    We have some right now but nothing like last year.. Thank the Lord..


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