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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Oh my goodness! I can't believe how hot it was today.  I had to go to the dentist, and the grocery store.  Take Princess Downy to get her 'bangs'  and nails cut. We don't have a way to cut her nails and don't want to hurt her trying.

In this kind of weather I'd rather be at the North Pole. Be realistic girl,  how about a walk-in freezer?  :)  When I worked at restaurants and pizza places that is where I liked to spend a bit of my time when it got really hot working.

Poor Mr. Snowman..I thought I'd use a snowman melting instead of the green witch on the Wizard of Oz. lol  Don't want to have nightmares thinking about the flying monkeys. :)

Poor guy, he looks very sad.

Well I am  sure this was our record high so far this year and for this day of the year.

I've melted and I can't get up. LOL  

Mrs Snowman doesn't look too sad. In fact, it looks like she is going Hooray! Or is that TOUCHDOWN. lol

Since I was able to spend most of the day in an air conditioned room in the house and  had a fan in the dentist office, and AC in the car. It wasn't too bad for me.. But....this is only spring. Still have to 'get through' summer. We only have a window AC in one room of the house. That is scary

Guess I should go. Have a wonderful Wednesday ladies.

Take care


  1. Hi Janet! Wow!! You have gone from the freezer to the oven in record time! We have a show this weekend and it is forecasted to be in the upper 80's--not too horrible, but it WILL be because the show is on pavement which amplifys the heat! 2 years ago we did a show in Va. on the street where the"feels like" temp was 111. We drank 24 bottles of water in 2 days. I got sick and was sick for 2 weeks. Take it easy in the heat!! :)--Jan

  2. Good thing you are not in St. George, it's been 104 degrees!

  3. Hi janet.. Sorry you are so warm...
    We are having typical Canadian weather..
    God bless..

  4. Good Morning Janet..
    Cute post!
    Sorry that you feel like you are melting.

    I've been freezing all morning~~LOL!

    So happy that you were able to get your errands run and stay comfy.

    You need to get a kiddie pool and dunk your feet in it. A great way to keep cool this summer!



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