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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Family Trip

Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd show you a few pictures of a fun place my family went to when I was little. 

This is Ocean Shores in Washington State.  We went there two or three times, I think.

Isn't it nice?  You know...I don't really remember it very well. I was in grade school when we went there. Maybe not more than 7 or 8 years old. 

Lovely sunset. I just remember two things. We took a trailer and once I found 25 cents on the ground in the trailer parking lot. And 25 cents was a big thing then. LOL

Well, that's it. :)

Have a very blessed day my friends.

Take care


  1. Janet-What a pretty place to have visited. It's too bad that you don't have more memories of the place....except for the quarter..that's funny! xo Diana

  2. Wish I was at the ocean now. Something about the sea heals me. Lovely pictures, and finding 25 cents when we were little was a lot of money!

  3. Hi Janet..
    Sounds like a wonderful family vacation.

    The ocean is so beautiful!

    Lucky you... to find that quarter.
    Do you remember what you did with the quarter?
    Did you save it?

    I would have spent it on chocolate :)

  4. Yay! We had a horrible storm last night and I couldn't do any comments after it-it knocked out my Google account! My older boy just fixed it (after I tried to--Google sent me an email that someone was trying to hack my account--it was me messing it up) :) Thank goodness for kids that can fix computer stuff! Your pics are lovely-funny the things we remember from our childhood--the biggest thing I remember from our vacation to Niagara Falls is the TV wouldn't work!!--Jan

  5. The coast in the North West is the most amazingly beautiful place. We vacation on the Oregon Coast every fall. My kids go crazy for quarters. I can never keep them long. -Steph-

  6. Wonderful ocean pics!
    Happy family memories are so precious!
    xxx H/ A


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