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Sunday, May 27, 2012

BRRRRRR 34 Degrees

Howdy all,

Wow the weather was wild today.  The wind was so strong I thought Princess Downy would blow away.  And it rained and it tried to snow.

The above picture is not what our weather was today. Just thought it was a pretty picture. Also sure wish that was our place. Isn't it lovely?

Did you know that there are only 212 days til Christmas? Just thought you might like to know. Better hop to it and get your decorations up and your shopping done. Time is running out. LOL

I hope all of you enjoy the rest of your extra long weekend. :)

Take care


  1. Goodness, I sure hope it's warmed up!

  2. It was nice and cool here in Phoenix yesterday, only up to 80 which was delightful, but I guess that meant colder temps elsewhere. Thanks for the timely reminder about Christmas. Honestly, since I am a teacher, I do try to at least get all of my cards addressed during summer vacation. Some times I am more on the ball than other times. Love your festive blog. I am now a follower.

  3. oh my gosh is that all until Christmas, wow, time flies, I came right back to follow you! wow there are so many great blogs I never knew existed, you are one of them, thankyou so much for visiting me and for your kind words, I will keep you on my side bar so I can keep track of all your posts, thankyou again,

  4. It looks cold...even though that ISN'T a picture of where you are now! lol On the 25th I posted a comment that said 7 months till Christmas and got hate mail....lol Hope you have a good Sunday- xo Diana

  5. We never got to 34 degrees the whole winter. Not even sure if it got below 60. It is very hot here. Have a great week!

  6. Oh, that picture scared me, until I kept reading :). Hope the warm breezes find you soon.

  7. The little log cabin is gorgeous ~ I so identify with this little dream of yours.
    Crazy weather for you, even tho' it is not as bad as the pic!
    Hope it soon passes...
    God bless,
    xxx H

  8. Oh thanks Janet for reminding us of Christmas. Ugh!


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