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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hi everyone,

I hope all of you have had a good day. I want to welcome my new followers. Thank you for visiting me. I look forward to getting to know you.

Now for the warning part. lol  Do any of you use Yahoo email?  I have several Yahoo email accounts. Two or three of them have been HACKED.  Some one has gotten into my accounts. I have received emails from a couple of you that you have not sent. Vicki I got one from you that had your name as sender. You may want to change your password.  When I opened it there was just a link. I even got one that was me sending me an email from one account to the other. :( If anyone gets one from me. Sorry.  Do not click on the link. Delete it as soon as you can. Or copy and paste it to some where so that you can tell Yahoo what it is.  They may say just 'hi' in the subject line. Or 'you gotta see this, in the subject line or with the link.

I have a friend that lives in Utah that has had the same thing happen to her Yahoo email. I got one from her that she didn't send.  All that have had this happen must get the toll free number to Yahoo Inc. and tell them that this has happened. And change your passwords.   Don't use passwords that are anything like the current ones. Don't use ones that are like names of family or pets. Or anything that people can guess. I know this sounds wild but it has happened to me and my friend and we are in two different states. I am wondering if it has anything to do with that FLAME virus or whatever that is messing up computers in the middle east and other places on that side of the world. Yahoo may have servers there somewhere.  Anyway please be careful. :)

On a lighter note, Princess Downy went on a little walk, or should I say run Sunday morning.  That little stinker. I took her out to do what doggies do in the morning. She did that then took off. I was hollering at her like crazy. I chased after her in stocking feet through uneven ground and rocks.  In the mornings I hurt from head to toe and my legs don't work good right away.  She went flying through yards and ended up 6 houses down the road.  Some people were out there and they didn't even stop her for me. :(  And she goes right up the stairs and into their house.  Then a guy comes out and says ' what happened?' I won't say what I was thinking. I just said, 'my dog is in your house'.

She finally came out I picked her up and brought her home. Mamma was mad and she knew it. Grrrrrr.  LOL

Has anyone heard of the blogtrain?  I got an email in my spam box that gave a link to click on to join. Even said some one had suggested I join. In my spam box?? Hmm

Other than that nothing exciting has happened in the past few days. The weather has been cool most of the time. Way cool at night. I like it like that. Scary to think that it won't be that way for long.

I should get going. Have a wonderful Thursday.
Take care


  1. I wonder what made Downey bolt? Did she see a kitty cat? Millie did that once at the beach. Wow, she is lightening fast and people didn't try to catch her either.

  2. Hi there :)
    I haven't heard of anyone having problems with Yahoo... so thanks for the heads up. I'll pass along the info. to those that I know that use it.

    Sorry that Downey took off. How frustrating.
    I'm glad that you got her back.
    We had a dog do that one time... he was following a hot air balloon.
    He went around the block, and disappeared.
    I think someone snatched him

    Hope today is a great one!

  3. Sorry to hear about your email. That's such a mess...I went through it a while ago. So glad you got Downey back. I wonder what made her take off like that and go in someone elses house. Silly dog, don't you wish you knew what they were thinking??

  4. I really hate when a dog takes off. I got the Blogtrain thing too. Just deleted it.

  5. I hate when all this crap happens with emails being hacked and all. I got several from people this week. I'll tell you- dogs are just crazy sometimes, aren't they? xo Diana


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