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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Seattle World's Fair 1962

Happy 50th Anniversary, Seattle Center!  Fifty years ago, April 18th 1962, Seattle Washington was the site of the World's Fair. Just over a month before then, I had turned 6 years old. My sister was just barely 5 years old.  My grandma's brother Kirk and his wife Margaret went to the fair.

It was amazing. It was decided to take the world into the Space Age. :)
Below are some pictures of the monorail. It went from downtown Seattle out to the fair and back. High off the ground. It was fast and scared my sister to death. She cried so hard and for so long that I thought that she wouldn't stop.

There was the Space Needle too. At the top there is a restaurant that turns so that while you eat you can get a great panoramic view of the city.  You can't even feel it turning. When I was in high school I had a friend who lived in Bellevue, Washington.  I went with her and her brother and mom to eat there. It was very nice.  Her mother left the waiter/waitress a $100.00 tip. Can you believe it? I almost fell over. lol

There is also an observation deck on the same level as the restaurant, I think. And half way up a stop with a gift shop. The elevator was outside so you can see out as you went up and down.  I hope I am remembering this right. :)

There was a science center there with big white arches. And a building with games in it. My favorite game was the Skeeball game. For years after the fair grandma would take us there to play.

In the food court building there were booths of foods from all over the world.  In the middle a stage for entertainers, bands mostly. And near the stage a very interesting looking thing....

It is called a Bubbleator. I had a better picture of it but saw something in it that I didn't want to show. lol It is an elevator that went up to the second floor. So cool.  The second floor was open down to the first, a balcony all the way around.  Shhhhh don't tell anyone ok? Up on that balcony was where I got my first kiss. Shhhh. :)

Then something that I didn't know, was that the stadium where later all the high school football games were played, used to be a ski stadium...

There is also a huge fountain there. The International Fountain, I believe it is called.  My friend and I would go there after the games and play in it.  Or around it. I think we were told a time or two to not be in it.

While  uncle Kirk and aunt Margaret were there they got their picture taken in front of a giant fenced in area of money. Like it must have been a contest thing to guess how much money was in it.  They also bought my sister and I little dolls and teddy bears. 

Well I think this is the end of the post. LOL  It's long enough. :)

Enjoy Sunday. And have a wonderful week.

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  1. Janet- What a wonderful post...full of fun memories. I love the Space Needle but haven't been in many, many years. One of my dear friends lives in Snohomish so my girls went to see it while I was out there visiting her.

    Blessings to you today- xo Diana

  2. Good Morning Janet.
    What a wonderful memories you have about that trip!
    Loved seeing the pictures of you and your sister too.
    Two summers ago, we went to Seattle, but we never went to the Space Needle.
    We'll have to do that next time :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday.


  3. Hi Janet!! I just loved this post!!! Maybe because our older son, Craig , lives in Seattle. Actually he lives nearby in Sammamish. Craig went MANY times to the space needle --taking Microsoft clients there for dinner meetings. He also told me about taking his girlfriend out on the deck to dance under the moonlight! I got a glimpse of Mt Rainier in one of the pics--Craig's office at Microsoft looked out on the mountain--he said his window looked like a beautiful painting. Thank you so much for sharing the pics and your memories--I've really been feeling blue and missing him lately. We talk to him every week, but don't see him until he is home at Christmas for 2 weeks.-hugs, Jan


Thank you so much for your sweet comments. I always enjoy hearing from you. Have a wonderful day. :)