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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WOOHOO! Eating Chocolate Again :)

Hi there, 

Well, times up.  And I can eat chocolate again. Whew! I didn't know how much longer I could go without it. lol

Yep, you have seen these pictures before.  I just had to show them again. :) 

Mmmm, don't these look yummy?

I may just have to buy some chocolate chips and make some cookies. Only problem with that is, is that the chips will never make it to the cookie dough, if you know what I mean. LOL  Maybe the ready made cookie dough at the store. I could get that. But....yeah the dough may never make it to the cookie sheet. I am so bad. LOL
I have loved chocolate chips since I was a kid.  Mom would buy a bag of them to make cookies and by the time she was ready to make them the chips were gone.  I kinda got in trouble a few times about that. 

Well I should be getting to bed. And again it is late. I have had a strange headache for the past hour or so and have been aching all over all night. I would just toss and turn if I went to bed. But I have to go there sometime.  Hubby may have had a enough sleep so that if I wake him up he will be ok. 

Ok, the next picture. Yes you absolutely have seen this one and more than once. But .....ohhhhhhh it looks soooooooo good.  Maybe I will just buy a chocolate cake. Yummmmm...

Uh oh, drooling again LOL

Have a wonderful day everyone....


  1. Janet- You are so funny! I don't eat chocolate anymore...you can have my share! I hope you start feeling better soon and that you can get some sleep. xo Diana

  2. Girl, I've warned you about that chocolate cake. Oh I would love to dive into that! Get some sleep, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Yippee...
    Your off of restriction.

    I wonder.. will you eat chocolate and think..'hmm that wasn't such a big deal'.
    Or will you go chocolate crazy ~~LOL!

    Hope you get rested and get rid of your headache.

  4. I hope you are up to your elbows in chocolate cake right now!!

  5. Once, my mother bought the big star chocolate chips from the bulk isle in Winco. She had them in the freezer to save them for a special dessert she was going to make. My brother and I snuck into the bag and ate almost all of them and put the remaining back. When she pulled them out to use them and saw only a few in there, she was so mad she started hitting us with the bag. Ha ha. We still laugh about it. I delve into the chips still sometimes. Glad you are able to enjoy life again:) -Steph-

  6. I'm with you on the chocolate chips...lately I have been craving chocolate a lot. In fact, I baked a chocolate cake with fudge frosting on Monday.YUM!! Try to get some sleep and dream about chocolate!! It's calorie-free in your dreams!! :)--Jan


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