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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hmm Undecided

Good morning everyone,

I am kinda undecided as to what to write about. Last post still has me drooling and craving chocolate. lol

I have been in a Remember When mode lately too. I mentioned old TV shows a few posts ago then got to thinking of old clothes, and old cartoons. I came up with 10 or so items of clothing  and  20 or more old cartoon shows. :) It was kinda fun thinking of the cartoons. I even Googled most of them to find out what years they aired.

Also I could talk about Princess Downy's  'ice pond' in the front yard.  And how Mamma slipped on it and skinned her arm and made a 5 inch red mark. :( OUCH!

Or maybe we can have a 'Pop Quiz' on the old cartoons. Hmm? Would that be fun?  

Why don't you decide?  Leave me a comment here or an email telling me what you would like and next post will be what you want. If you decide on the quiz you have to try to answer without looking it up, k? It will be closed book, closed internet. Gosh, how weird can I get?  LOL

Question: How would I type the correct answers upside down at the bottom of the post? LOL   I think slipping on the ice has infected, affected, my brain. :)  Ok, I'm done, I think.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday. Take care


  1. It is fun to "remember when". I think you should pick a subject and we will all chime in. I don't know HOW to post answers upside down though!;>) Maybe they could come back the next day to get the answers? xo Diana

  2. I like the idea about old cartoons--the ones today really stink--I think!! I drive Al crazy by singing the old Mighty Mouse song and the Good 'n Plenty candy song!--Jan


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